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In very brief summary, we were impressed with the quality and look of the cabinets, but disappointed with the customer service. The rest of this article walks through the assembly of IPC’s Society Hill 15 inch base cabinet with an optional trash can assembly.
This particular cabinet is going to house a double roll out trash can kit that is sold separately.
Inside the box are all the components for the cabinet, but somewhat surprisingly, no instructions!
With the cabinet face attached, the bottom of the cabinet is finished by installing the toe kick.
All of IPC’s cabinets feature full extension drawers, which means the back of the drawers come out all the way to the edge of the cabinets so that the entire drawer space is usable.
Note that on the wall cabinets the sides of the cabinets are indeed routed for the back, with mounting plywood at the top and bottom of the wall cabinet in addition to the plywood for the back.
I’m sure the drawer slides are probably a lighter gauge knock off of Blum slides which quite a few cabinet companies are now doing to trim prices. Certainly the money saved is huge and a great way to make a kitchen remodel achievable for folks on a tight budget.
Wanting to know where I can purchase wood standing trash cabinet building instructions and what costs would be for materials. Apply construction adhesive to the front edges of the sides and bottom, preparing to fasten the face of the cabinet in place.

It also shows how nicely the front frame has been joined, sanded, and finished for the cabinet face.
Installation is pretty simple, and requires mounting the base with 6 screws after the cabinet assembly is complete. We’d also be interested in hearing your experience if you installed IPC cabinets in your own home. They really should include a wood stiffener across the back of the cabinet that goes from side to side, dado’s at the sides and a dado at the back.
The top cabinets should be no different than the top, not sure why they skip the stiffeners on those.
It’s really amazing how well cabinet companies have got the pre-drilling down now and everything fits like a glove.
It is far more important for the wall cabinets to be routed this way since the back is what holds them up! I was very skeptical at first, but after buying and assembling, I think the trade is worth it and probably will be for most DIY kitchen remodels.
People just need to realize that there are some subtle differences in the cabinet construction. The cabinets from IPC themselves do not ship with instructions, and that’s what this article was about. In all cases we were responsible for the installation ourselves; however, in the case of IPC, we also had to assemble the cabinets, which took about 10 hours for two of us to complete 17 cabinets.

We were impressed that on all 17 cabinets we assembled, the L-brackets perfectly lined up on all components. You can see that the face of the cabinet will also be connected using L-brackets, and is routed to accept the sides and bottom of the cabinet. The first is to install only the included toe kicks on every cabinet individually, which leaves a small gap between each cabinet. They are absent on wall cabinets where the top of the cabinet is identical to the base, and plywood fits into routed edges of the sides, back, and front. Ultimately it’s been my experience that cabinets take severe abuse and most of the details I point out are details that seem to make a big difference.
We got the cabinets assembled and shipped so I do not have any experience with the RTA’s.
The boxes are all a little larger than the side or face of the enclosed cabinet, whichever is bigger.
This can be problematic if you need to shim some of the cabinets in front or if you just don’t like the small gap.
Essentially, there are 3 strong metal L brackets along the edge, the bottom plywood of the cabinet is been glued to the back and the sides of the cabinet, and there is a plastic triangular support screwed in at the top to the back and sides.

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