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Ian Vincent Godfrey, who studied woodworking at Inside Passage School in British Columbia, shows what a contemporary maker can do with the Danish Modern style.
Ross Day, another accomplished Krenov pupil, used clean, spare Danish lines in this cherry chair. It is easy to look back on furniture history, and see how 18th-century styles, followed by Shaker and Arts & Crafts, each arose from a specific culture and commercial context. I think this is especially relevant now that you've connected Maloof's style to that of Danish Modern. LouK writes: Danish modern is as much an outgrowth of the Bauhaus and the International Style as much as anything. However, given the souless excuse that for passes for residential & furniture design demanded by today's american public, we'll be lucky to be remembered for any contribution to design whatsoever.
The dominate furniture style of the 20th century will probably be labeled just "Modern," of which Danish modern is an offshoot.

I can see it in the structural (and economic) sense looking at the use of teak in some Danish modern stuff.
The cabinet-on-stand is a popular Danish Modern form, and the feet on this Krenov piece are typical of the style. Check out this insightful letter by Peter Korn of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (Fall 2009 newsletter). As Korn points out, Maloof and Krenov were a study in contrasts, both in personality and how they designed and built furniture.
Scandinavian furniture, specifically Danish Modern, binds together a lot of 20th century furnituremaking. And there I can see many hewing even closer to the Danish Modern line, maybe even some without knowing it. There are lots of 'throwaway' types, but there are many more classically, well built, well thought out pieces that I would consider absoloutely timeless.

One can make furniture that can be an object of art, but it has to have the qualities to make it so. By the way, Tage Frid, one of the founding contributors of Fine Woodworking magazine, was born and shaped in Denmark, and his furniture showed it.
I came to this site what 3 or 4 years ago and was looking around and I could see the bickering in a thread about how to use epoxy to assemble furniture; well I almost puked and this is the 1st time that I came back.

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