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Exact measurements will vary depending on the area in which you're building the bookshelves and the size of the door you're hiding.
Make sure to not inform anybody outside the people who live in the house, for safety reasons, because you never know who is going to back stab who, because it is so common for people to place valuables and jewels in 'secret' places.
Take into consideration that the door way would have to be squared up first to prepare for the install. I’ve wanted a door hidden behind a bookcase in my house ever since I saw one watching Scooby Doo when I was a kid. Now this may be a little over the top for a lot of people but I think if you use a standard bookcase or even a basic do-it-yourself plan and pick up the steps after Gary finishes his beautiful Mahogany veneered bookcase you could find some good tips on how to install yours.
Attach the top anchor loosely (letting it rock), slip in the frame and bottom anchor on the pin (with 2 washers on the pin above the bearing), then slide the whole set into place. Objective was to achieve a hidden door look, mix in my love of Star Wars and close off the theater.

Now that I have built a new house I finally have started planning on where and how I can install one. Then, determine whether or not you can put the bookcase far enough away from the soon-to-be-hidden door that it can swing outwards without hitting any neighboring walls or furniture. The trim on the hinged side of the shelf-door should be attached to the fixed shelf; on the non-hinged side, however, it should move with the door.
Of some those surplus, the deficit of this wardrobe bookcase are: do not facilitate you to take the publication, the wardrobe will likely be damper and permits nerdy damage your books, cannot be moved to some other area, spend the place. I have searched and searched for plans but they all either required special materials, a kit or they just didn’t look that good.
To build a hidden door bookshelf that you can customize to your own specifications, follow these instructions.
If the horizontal trim dives under it as the door opens, bevel notches in the trim on the right.

This will not only hit the steel to keep the door from closing too far, but also hold the door so that it doesn't float open. You just need a couple of tracks that met the sliding track to the side in the ceiling, a spring mount on the side opposite the door in a hidden place that will pull the door back into place, and a bookcase that you'd do this to.originalwynne5 years agoReplybig ass christmas tree!
I got a lot of the concepts from other hidden bookcase door tutorials, but added some twists of my own. If the bottom of the pivot door isn't swinging over a hard surface level floor, then a toe-kick should be added to the bottom of all the units and the case should pivot above the toe kick.

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