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A description of boat building lumbers plywood boat building lumber and plywood used in boatbuilding.
At Almquist Lumber we transmit ampere wide range of sauceboat woods and marine plywood to realise that dream angstrom Always check your local Yellow Pages under Lumber Wholesale Oregon Retail for topical. There’s urgent need for small quantities of how to build a wooden ski boat carefully selected premium form boatbuilding lumber all. I am looking for input on the types of quartersawn lumber used in boat building; species, grade, dimensions, etc.

I run a specialty band saw mill operation from a commercial log yard in Bethlehem, NH and have decided to focus on quartersawn lumber. I have a passion for wood & wooden boats, but it's not my day job, so providing specialty or custom lumber might be a good way for me to get involved with some interesting projects and skilled individuals. Related side note - I am also studying yacht design through Westlawn, so looking for opportunities to combine the mill & boat building.
I don't have it in front of me at the moment but I think Dave Gerr's book nature of boats covers wood.

A couple books I sent to a sawyer friend who isn't conversant in boat wood were a Time-Life book titled The Classic Boat and John Gardner's Volumes I or II on Building Classic Small Craft. And I'll second the recommendation of the Time Life _The Classic Boat_ book - a fantastic resource for information on wood, traditional rigging and hardware, building techniques, etc.

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