Bluebird house plans pvc, wood project plans designs - PDF Review

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 21.12.2013

I have to admit I wondered if the birds would take to the ones made from PVC pipe, but after putting one up at the our Master Gardener Display Gardens last year, a pair of bluebirds took to them almost immediately. The third choice for BB housing is another Gilbertson creation, but this one has a more traditional wooden design.
I’m really looking forward to seeing bluebirds  here, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they are here to stay!

I’m glad I did, because a male English sparrow was stuffing one of the houses full of grass and trash. They fledged two broods of young last year, and they picked the PVC design over several wooden ones that were nearby and available.
Steve Gilberston is a bluebird enthusiastic who set out to design better nesting boxes for bluebirds.

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