Blanket chest plans dovetail, paper backed wood veneer uk - Plans Download

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 23.10.2013

In Chapter Eight of my eBook I show a method of creating the dovetail joints in the carcase of a Shaker Blanket Chest.
This traditional Shaker blanket chest design harkens back to when horizontal wood grain was used on chest sides, allowing the carcase to be joined by dovetails and the sides to move together with seasonal changes in humidity.
Classic pieces, like this blanket chest, blend nicely into vintage and contemporary settings and, thus, are very popular with woodworkers of all abilities.
If you love using hand tools or want to improve your hand-tool skills, Blanket Chest by Hand is a great choice.

You could use a jointer and planer and begin the handwork later, starting with the grooves for the sides, adding the arches to the side pieces, cutting the dovetails and the rabbets, and doing the final smoothing before assembly. In addition to instructions for building the piece, the article gives a trouble-shooting primer on what to do when things go wrong with your dovetails. I typically locate the two end dovetails, then equally space the remaining dovetails using a "divided line". This command will automatically space the correct number of dovetails between the two end dovetails.

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