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When staining or painting any piece of furniture black or a very dark color make sure you have a few good light sources directed on every side of the piece.  This way you can see if you are covering the surface completely and catch any drips before they dry.
It is GONE!  The trim and walls have been painted, new wood blinds, furniture, and lamps added.  The black stained side table and rug are the only elements that were existing.
Turns out cerusing is the process of opening up the grain of the wood and filling it with a color (most often white) in order to highlight the grain of the wood. Obviously the darker the stain used as a base color, the more that the white grain will stand out.  The lighter the stain used as a base color, the more subtle the cerused grain will be.
Here’s an example of a light blue cerused wood wall from the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach.

I didn’t get to the actual cerusing yesterday, but at least I was able to remove the old, ugly orange finish and get some pretty stain on it. After sanding the entire top, I used a brass wire brush to scrub the entire top with medium pressure going with the grain of the wood.  This is supposed to open up the grain so that it can be filled with the white wax or pigment later.
You can find larger brass wire brushes in the BBQ section of Home Depot, Lowes, or even Target.
I’ve usually been drawn to low-contrast cerusing, so I’m eager to see how this higher contrast version will work out! Make sure you stir the stain well before applying.  Dip tip of brush into can and start from the center of your piece out to the edges using long light strokes.

I woudln’t have thought it possible that you can get rid of that horrible orange wood colour with so little steps and such great results!
The table top is gorgeous- I see designs in it I couldn’t see with the original stain. I have also used this stain successfully with a Wooster bristle brush made specifically for staining.

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