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Even the most lavishly decorated dining or living room is not complete with out a chic sideboard or buffet table. Our reclaimed wood sideboards give an attractive and functional compliment to existing farmhouse furniture, add a practical accent the Farmhouse Tables and ensure the finished look and feel of the room is seamless. If your dining room is more of a social room, frequented for small gatherings and the centre of family lunch, then your room and lifestyle may suit a buffet table.
As with all of our products, buffet units and sideboards are American made from 100% solid reclaimed wood and entirely customizable, per your requests.
Server: A cabinet or small buffet often including drop leaves, drawer storage, cupboards or wine storage.
Doors: A wood or framed glass panel, usually hinged or sliding that covers a storage opening. Cherry: The heartwood of cherry varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age and on exposure to light.

Oak or Ash: Oak is very tough, strong, and hard and can live up to the every day abuse furniture takes and it has a pronounced grain.
Walnut: Because of its rich brown color, hardness and grain Walnut is a prized furniture and carving wood. At ecustomfinishes we are aware that it can be difficult to find the perfect sideboard or buffet table for your home at an affordable price, so we have made it our mission to offer the quality you expect at the value you demand. Buffets and sizeboards are a particularly elegant form of storage space for the plates, placemats and cutlery that collect in homes, as well as whimsical possessions such as delicate cake stands, holiday linens and antique napkins.
This allows easy access for the whole family to pile their plates mountain high with the food they want and saves you the effort of plating up for them. Most are ornamental and may include special shelving designed for tasks not related to cooling, such as wine bottle storage.
Sideboards usually accommodate a baker's rack or small hutch and rests on legs with a lower support shelf.

It is adaptable to fine finishes, easy to work with and can be stained and finished to resemble many expensive and imported woods.
Using painted pieces, pale floral fabrics, and pretty accessories, the cottage look can take many forms. The wood has a fine uniform, straight grain, satiny, smooth texture, and may naturally contain brown pith flecks. Textured elements of fabrics, along with softer choices wood finish, creates a comfortable atmosphere. It ranges from a light pink to yellow, but on exposure to light and air, quickly turns to a reddish brown or sherry color.

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