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I've been wanting to write a review for my old Firestorm cordless drill for some time now because this drill deserves praise.
Then, a few years later, I was working on some rails for a large front porch and switching back and forth from a drill bit for making pilot holes to a driver bit. I often find that the higher quality power tool models from Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt, and the like are simply made better and perform better than the more budget oriented brands like Black and Decker. A guy I was working with had this Firestorm cordless drill and I was impressed with it's power, but I was even more impressed with its design. While battery technology has improved since the time of manufacture for the Firestorm FS1800D cordless drill, the old-school 18 volt batteries used by this drill have been very reliable. I'm bestowing the much deserved praise for the durability, power, and design of the FS1800D Firestorm cordless drill.

The removable chuck design seemed brilliant and helped him to work quicker than I could with my Skil drill. I meant to shop for the Firestorm cordless drill, but it slipped my mind after the apartment repairs were complete. Other than this, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this drill and this is rare for me. I grabbed one that was new at a fair price, and it came with two batteries and a dual battery charger. I have dropped this drill from roofs onto some fairly hard ground a number of times and it has never stopped working. However, after years of consistent use on some tough projects, this drill has proven itself time and again.

I would personally feel comfortable buying a used FS1800D because I know it's a durable and reliable tool.
The comfort of the grip is as good or better than any drill I have ever used, and the drill is well balanced when the somewhat heavy battery pack is attached.

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