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This weekend, I decided to expand my vegetable garden space by building another garden box. I want to put up several garden boxes.  The best place is a large concrete slab where sun is constant. My parents created their garden with kiddie pools cause the regular dirt wasn't that great. Every gardener would like to have a rich harvest and there are many home gardeners who turn to creative DIY raised beds ideas which help them to significantly increase the yield of the garden. Experienced gardeners use raised beds for growing vegetables, but also as decorative ornaments.

Other alternatives are sandbags, hay bales, and many other which will help you increase the productivity of your garden. As you can see from this photo, I had my 4-x-4s cut to a slightly longer length, which will help to anchor your garden box in the ground. My hubby is a lineman and brings home old Australian hardwood arms off the top of the power poles, so I guess they will be great for making my garden box (plus I like the rustic look), just need something to secure them in place as they would be incredibly hard to drill through.
Since you have control over the construction of the DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden, you can determine the design too.
Here are some tips to make it easier: If you're a first-time builder, go to a small hardware or lumber store with a friendly clerk who can help you work out the details.

This way, you can use the longer length of the 4-x-4s to anchor your box when you have to dig it into the ground. Hard enough sawing them up for firewood and they burn incredibly hot, we always have to mix the wood up so it doesn't burn our firebox out. One of the greatest advantages of raised beds in the garden is that weeds are much easier to control and you do not have to bend too much while working in the garden.

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