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When using a thin-kerf blade in your biscuit joiner you can use biscuit hinges for items like a jewlery box and light weight doors on a small cabinet. The general idea is two slots are cut into the edges of the panels facing each other using the biscuit joiner. It was by pure happenstance, while looking for a way to join chipboard, that he thought of the four-step Lamello wood joining system: groove cutting, gluing, joining, and finally clamping. A biscuit, which is a thin piece of compressed wood shavings, is liberally soaked in wood glue and inserted into the slots to join the panels.

Subsequently, there came further improvements such as the use of the circular saw and the creation of the first stationary biscuit joiner. From miter joints, joining sheet goods, lightweight mortise and tenons to even helping you align pieces during glue ups. To start off, here are some of the frequently asked questions (and corresponding answers) about biscuit joiners. Biscuits come in a variety of standard sizes to match the depth and width of blade of biscuit joiners.

The process used by the Festool Domino creates loose mortise and tenon joints in the wood using wood thicker than a typical biscuit.

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