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Shop Fox's W1671 Benchtop mortiser comes with a larger motor and is highly adjustable, all at a lower price tag than other similar mortisers. Steel City's 25200 Benchtop Mortiser comes with a unique expandable table for large workpieces and a tall, but slightly warped, cast fence. Our expert, Chris Marshall, tested the top seven bench top mortisers on the market, checking their features and seeking out the best bargain. Delta's 14-651 Benchtop Mortiser includes a ratcheting handle and headstock panel making set-up easy and the machine is easy to use overall.
Making sure your mortiser's chisel is sharp is key to preventing clogging and friction, and expert Chris Marshall has developed an easy method for making sharpening easy. Craftsman's 21907 Benchtop Mortiser comes with a few nice features including left-hand conversion, but overall setup is too much hassle.

With a tilting and rotating head, the General International 75-050T M1 Benchtop Mortiser adds a lot of versatility to your standard mortising tool. Mortisers have a very specific usage in most shops, but they are still very useful, so Chris Marshall sought out the best bargain. Sure, there’s more than one way to cut a mortise; you don’t have to buy a dedicated machine to do it. The Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Mortiser features in-line depth stop which allows the user to stop at preset depths without racking the mortise bit to the base. There are a lot of features on the Powermatic PM701 Mortiser that earned it the top acknowledgements among popular woodworking sources. Unlike a router or chisel, a mortiser hogs out all the waste and squares the cut in one operation.

I cut four 6”-long mortises in hard maple, sugar pine, white oak and red cedar, in that order. While I anticipated that hard maple and white oak would test these mortisers’ mettle the most, sugar pine actually posed the greatest challenge.

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