Best forstner bits, build patio furniture - PDF Review

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In addition to these other bits, you should get some countersink bits, which drill the pilot hole and countersink (locating the screw head below the surface) in one step. Note: All of these accessories are only compatible with Miebach bits which use the patented Rotastop shank, such as the Miebach Maxi Cut Forstner bits.
Although more expensive than other Forstner bits, the quality, extended life and unique features of these bits are unrivaled - making them an excellent choice for production work or for serious woodworkers wanting the best bit available for a precious project.

These are available in a wide range of sizes and are only a bit more inexpensive than a set of twist bits. The latest generation of Forstner bits allow you not only to drill clean individual holes, but they also can cut overlapping holes, which means you can rough out mortises and clean them up by hand. The BORMAX bits feature a patented design with a circular rim formed by a series of razor sharp cutting teeth set in a wave-form pattern.

The BORMAX bits are precision machined from high carbon steel by FAMAG in Germany.View Traditional Woodworkers' Entire Selection of BORMAX Forstner Style Drill Bits.

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