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Smaller tools, such as benchtop planers and drill presses, can be stored on rolling cabinet bases. The cabinets give you a place to keep wrenches, manuals, bits, and blades, and you can roll the tools into position easily.
I'm looking to build some kind of cart or stand for my benchtop planer that I can roll away when not in use. Not shop-built, but I bought the Dewalt planer stand and liked it so much I bought another one for my bench-top drill press.

My current plan is to make a fairly substantial cart for it to ride around in and to store stuff in. If you have the space, you can build a permanent home for benchtop tools; it could be as simple as a worktop with base cabinets beneath. And, you can also plane small boards that don't need support without opening the infeed and outfeed tables. However, it will only work for planers that have a moving head and a fixed feed table like my old Delta.

However, your floor has to be somewhat flat versus trying to use it on a crumbling asphalt driveway, and the extension tables that come with the planer must be removable since they are no longer needed. Bear in mind that your need for more storage space increases in time and a garage is only as big as you build it in the first place.

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