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The “334” bench is made of 3 parallel bars of metal and 334 newspapers folded and stacked next to each other.
This is a bench without a back or front, that let’s everyone sit and enjoy from every internal mood and external angle.
The Splinter bench consists of two sculptural side chairs, each with a smooth and a jagged side—as if they have been broken apart, or “splintered” from each other. You may have thoughts tennis balls were just for tennis - but creative Dutch designer Tejo Remy has found a another use for the bright yellow bouncy felt-and-rubber balls. While the rolling bench is accredited to Korean designers, this MUST have initially been discussed by an Englishman, or at least they’re selling like crazy in the UK. Ah but the problem with the roll bench even if it was in the UK it doesn’t stop raining for long enough to actually sit down in the first place.
A part of the Metro40 collection by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, this urban bench really stands out. With so many boring iron garden chairs, we find this new whimsical design by Skitsch quite refreshing. This olive green furniture for outdoors designed by Solovyov Design adds a bold but appropriate statement to an outdoor space.
At Captivatist, we're fascinated with modern art, design and architecture, and we'd like to share our finds and inspirations with you, on a daily basis. Wooden bench by Remy & Veenhuizen features moving slats that move slowly without disturbing the fundamental structure. Algorithmically generated laser cut pattern extends along the full length of this stylish bench.

The Children's Chair: Frog is a fun kids chair with a happy and soft organic form, the design was inspired by frogs. The Children's Chair: The Little Dear is a chair design inspired by deer, the chair is a fun design for kids and a good fit for contemporary interior spaces and also outdoors.
The Children's Chair: The Little Cat is a stool and semi-chair for kids, it is designed to resemble cats and is designed as a playful stool with soft edges that are kid friendly.
The Pendant Light: The Light Fae is pendant light design based on organic patterns, that create reflections and shadows on the dark.
The Drawer Handle: Segalix is an elegant drawer handle which brings together both geometric and organic design aspects.
The Drawer Handle: Sade is a drawer handle design with great simplicity and modernity, the handle design features a sharp looking yet soft silhouette, softened edges, a very soft interior form and design. The Drawer Handle: Piper is a drawer handle design that resembles a solid steel cylinder bent, however the design features different and varying thickness for the sections with super smooth bending points. The Drawer Handle: Hasat is a drawer handle design with an organic form which provides a large and comfortable grasp for your hands. The Drawer Handle: The Dortkose is a drawer handle design with a traditional yet modern look, suitable for both classic and contemporary furniture designs. The challenge of that series is to recycle a product, but also to design a furniture without using any screw, glue, soldering, etc. It’s a non- fuss design with maximum practical benefit and desirable, minimalist aesthetic. When joined at their serrated ends, they fit together like puzzle pieces to form a sleek contemporary-looking bench.

We got to admit, we are amazed by this flawless design, by the perfection of the curves and the smooth transaction from wood to metal, as if they were one whole. New product designs, art creations and architectural features pop up every day but only a few would be truly captivating, and you'll find them here. The design is pretty straightforward and more classic then contemporary, yet it is a good pendant design for luxury spaces.. The design is suitable mainly for modern furniture but could also be used with classical designs thanks to its unique form.. The design is suitable for classical furniture designs where handles are important for bringing a level of identity to the product.
The Dortkose is a decorative design which could be integrated to furniture to reinforce the overall identity..
Distance between connection points is set at 160mm and the design is highly environment friendly as the amount of materials used is minimized. As Antonio Carusone puts it on his blog AisleOne, "the design is streamlined and simple and makes use of some fine materials.

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