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The advance of technology and art in designing an ultimate and stylish platform bed is never cease amaze. There are more and more stylish platform bed especially designed to quench the need of modern people, one of them is you. The task of choosing which bed style closely matches the statement you want to make and best appeals to your senses, can seem daunting due to the seemingly endless options available. Everyone need a comfortable bedroom to end up their hard hectic day, this is exactly what modern designs brings to you.
You will not see something too much in these modern bedroom designs, every part of the bedroom are placed for a certain purpose, so efficient, minimalist as well as modern.

Moreover the presence of the stylish platform bed are best in giving an ultimate comfort for your peaceful sleep. The sleek look this design offers is a perfect focal point, and if bought in the store, this design would be somewhat pricey but thanks to DIYLife you can learn how to make it at an affordable cost.A DIY floating platform bed that is sturdy and looks beautifulA floating platform bed is the perfect element to add style and dimension to an ordinary room.
The choice to accent with bamboo will not be easily overlooked and is sure to add the perfect flare to your bedroom.
To find out how to build this great bamboo platform bed, head over to HGTV for the tutorial.Traditional platform bedsFloating platform bed design with an elegant flairPerfect for any shape and size room this next idea is welcoming and allows you to fall into a restful nights sleep.
When you wake, your feet won’t have far to go as this beautiful design parallels a few inches above the floor.

Thanks go to our friends from DIYNetwork for this inspiring design.DIY traditional platform bed with hairpin legsIf a more traditional style is what appeals to your senses, this platform bed is the perfect piece of decor to accent your bedroom.

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