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When bedroom space is limited and you need a useful space which includes a bed, your other option is to build a loft bed. It is in fact a type of bed built in such a way that you have ample space beneath the bed to utilize. You should consider things such as mattress size, ascending and descending the bed, railings, and any other residence hall requirements that may exist.
You can either add another bed, place a study table or workstation; make it a storage space, or even place a sofa to lounge in.

Some popular residence hall requirements include: clearance between bed and ceiling, leg size, and cross-bracing requirements.
It is often unneccesary to design the loft out of anything than a wood such as Southern Pine. To build this bed, some of the tools you’ll need include lumber posts, plywood, lumber board, screws and bolts, ladder, saw and drill. This article will review common mistakes and provide valuable information on how to construct your own loft bed.

Most of your members that make up the bed can be constructed from 2×6 dimension lumber. The great thing about using screws and bolts is that the whole bed can be dismantled when the school year ends.

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