Arcade cabinet design plans, free plans for balsa wood planes - PDF Review

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The design looks absolutely beautiful and Archie just rolled out an affordable Kickstarter project for anyone interested in getting their hands on one. If you're not quite so into DIY, a $300 pledge gets you a cabinet kit that assembles with only a screwdriver, and you can add a $150 pre-drilled control panel (USB arcade controller, sanwa joystick and happ buttons) and accessory kit (marquee lights, t-molding, plexiglass and marquee retainers). The fit and finish of the American Ace Arcade looks first rate and it's an excellent alternative to buying a pre-built unit, which can easily cost several thousand dollars. He wanted to build a multi-game arcade unit, but his wife didn't want a refrigerator-sized machine lurking in the corner.

Pledging $40 gets you a set of plans, blueprints and full-sized templates to make cutting side panels a breeze. You'll need to supply your own monitor, sound system and game board (PC-based MAME arcade emulator, JAMMA multi-game, or even a home game console). The result is the American Ace Arcade—a scaled-down arcade machine that stands just over 4 feet high. And if you like the compact cabinet but want something that adults can play standing, it should be easy to build a small pedestal to raise the unit.

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