American doll bed mattress, oak plywood grades - Plans Download

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The first thing you need to do is to measure the bed for which you are making this bedding. As I was using the flat batting, I laid the batting on top of the wrong side of my mattress fabric. For the sheet for both beds, I determined I didn’t want the sheet to go all the way to the top of the bed. Pumpkin made the pillow that matches the mattress all by herself (of course since she is 5, my mom did the closing of the pillow once it was stuffed). We spent a rainy fall afternoon sewing bedding for both of my daughter’s American Girl Doll beds. I had pinned this tutorial (18″ Doll Mattress Sewing Tutorial) on making a mattress for a doll bed quite some time ago. I put my hand into the mattress and held onto both the mattress fabric and the flat batting and turned it right side out.

My Mom added the buttons onto the mattresses just to make sure the batting wouldn’t move around and to add a fun touch. That way, you can still see the mattress and the sheet won’t cover the dolls head when she is in the bed.
You can see that the sheet can either be tucked under the mattress as it is show with Samantha or as you can see above hanging out with Felicity.
You can see how I customized these $20 IKEA doll beds here: Polka Dot Bed and Stenciled Bed.
When my girls chose their fabric, they had looked at some pictures of bedding on my American Girl Doll Ideas and Sewing Pinterest boards. Snowflake made the pillow that matches her mattress completely by herself, including the hand work to close the pillow! I’m going to show you what I did as well as give you a few of my tips and tricks if you want to sew your own bedding.

You can see above that I left the opening quite large on this first mattress to accommodate for my flipping the fabric with the batting.
In this post, I’m going to show you my free American Girl Doll Pattern to make bedding so you can make your own bedding and save money by not buying a pattern. As you can see above, I just traced around the board for the bottom of the bed to get the right size for the mattress. On the second mattress, I made the opening much smaller (my Mom really appreciated that when it came time to sew it closed by hand).

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