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The Bowl Adze is the most aggressive, mostly because it is much heavier than the Elbow Gutter Adze. In the next two videos, Justin shows that the Small Gutter Adze can also remove wood quite well. This adze was designed for a well renowned bowl maker, Rip Mann, who teaches classes along the US East Coast.

I recommend the Heavy Bowl Adze for most people, especially heavier people with larger hands, and for carving larger bowls. Extra Heavy Bowl AdzeTotal weight about 50 ozEdge is about 3" across, with 6" diameter curve. These adzes came about because some people in the remote outer islands of Yap State (in Micronesia) contacted me about making some large adzes for their canoe building.

To offer these adzes as part of my regular line I decided to put the bend in the steel, instead of the wood handle.

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