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I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but the workbench arrived in perfect condition and zero issues. At first the workbench was at the side of the room, taking the place of half-full tool cabinets. I partially rearranged the room to allow for easier video production (coming soon!), but also to better position the workbench for project use. I am so impressed with the quality of the workbench that I plan to buy another one later this month to serve as my computer desk and digital projects table.
I couldn’t link to the search results on Sears, so just search for¬†Gladiator adjustable height work bench. Comparing the 6-foot Seville to the 6-foot adjustable-height Gladiator, the Seville has 6-legs and 1,000 lb capacity, the Gladiator 4-legs and 3,000 lb capacity.
When price is factored in, the 6-foot Seville is a better buy for those that don’t need the height adjustability or robustness of the 6-foot Gladiator.

For a classroom setting, the Seville Classics HD workbench might be a better choice since you probably don’t need height adjustability. I’ve been looking at electronics benches, and one has a 5,000 lb weight capacity, even with smaller legs and a thinner laminate top. Work Benches > Hand-Crank Adjustable WorkbenchThis workbench is perfect for multiple users. The patented adjustable leg allows the Nec-A-Nec table to be adjusted in height anywhere from 20 to 25 inches. I even made a vertical pull-out panel with 18″ Geartracks that glided out from beneath my workbench. A few lag screws into the tabletop, a few bolts through the legs, a little elbow grease, and the workbench was assembled. I’ve used industrial and laboratory workbenches before, and this seems to be of similar caliber of construction.

I have also seen a lot of recommendations for Seville’s tool cabinets and workbenches. Gladiator also makes a fixed-height ~6-foot workbench, but spec-wise it doesn’t really compare as favorably to the Seville in my opinion. The Gladiator legs are a little wider and the industrial workbenches were factory assembled, but still, color me impressed.
Gladiator’s fixed-height modular workbenches are substantially less expensive, but they also have lower load capacities.
For users looking for a store-bought bench, the Gladiator adjustable height models are an excellent choice.

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