6 cube bookshelf plans, wooden luggage rack - With Secrets

Categories: Wood Work Table Plans | Author: admin 09.07.2014

I think it would be pretty easy to use Ana's plans with different dimensions to build a bigger bookcase.
Yeah, getting my math right was the part I was dreading :) I much prefer to look at someone else's plans! I'm with you on following other people's plans instead of modifying -- I'm always afraid I'm messing something up, that I've forgotten some crucial detail.

I love the plans with little legs on them :)For any seamstresses who wants to DIY a cloth bin in the fabric of their choosing.
I can't stand to see that kind of stuff lying around, so these cube bookshelves seemed like a great solution for the problem. This time I was smart enough to finish the insides of the cubes before putting the whole bookcase together.

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