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Around large towns where apartment dwellers might have a fireplace but no place to store a cord of wood, firewood can be purchased on a weight basis for a few pieces at a time. Answer: The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) Weights and Measures Division regulates the sale of wood by vendors.
Another way to obtain wood in many areas of New Mexico is to cut your own wood on nearby National Forests. Answer: Firewood should be stacked at least 30 feet from any structure and either stored in a shed or under a large tarp to protect the wood from moisture. Using wood for fuel declined in most developed countries as more convenient fuels were developed. This is usually for the convenience of the buyer, and the price per pound is usually slightly higher than if it had been bought as a cord.
Generally, you use wood that is available relatively close to your location because of hauling expense. It is best to use wood that has air dried for about six months or more rather than freshly cut or green wood.
There are several different types of wood stoves, such as the Franklin stove or the pot-bellied closed type. However, recent price increases in gas, alternative fuels, and electricity have generated a renewed interest in wood as an energy source for home heating and cooking (Figure 1).

Any firewood or kindling sold in small bundles or packages must be labeled with net content as a weight or measure, the name and address of the distributer, as well as a word or phrase to describe the product. Most of the cost of a cord of wood is the labor involved in cutting and hauling it, but the savings can still be considerable compared to buying from a vendor. Since some woods are susceptible to fungi or rot while curing, stack green wood so air can circulate through the stack. Most people store their wood in a pile (Figure 3) or stack, either on a purchased or handmade rack or between two end-posts.
Wood piles or stacks should be covered with clear plastic and the perimeter of the plastic buried beneath the soil surface.
If a vendor chooses to sell firewood by weight, they must provide the total amount of wood in pounds, price per pound, and the equivalent price per cord. Pecan wood is an excellent wood for fires if you live in the vicinity of a large orchard that does systematic pruning.
Remember also that there is about 20% more heat value in seasoned wood than in freshly cut wood due to the lower moisture content. Traditionally, people laid wood in layers, one layer horizontally, the next perpendicular to the first row, and so on, stacking the pile about 12 layers high.
The wood should remain covered for a minimum of 60 days during the hottest part of the year (April to August in most of New Mexico).

By properly tenting your firewood, you will create a super-heated environment that will essentially kill any insects that may reside within your wood. A word of caution is in order here: If you choose the cheaper route of having the wood delivered but not stacked, you have no immediate way of knowing if you have received a full cord. Chimney fires occur when the resins from the wood you have burned coat the lining of your fireplace or stovepipes.
Be sure you know how to get in touch with your supplier at a later date in case you did not get a full cord. Depending on your proximity to these areas, you may save a considerable amount per cord by being your own supplier. This consists of laying wood around in a circular fashion, building a large, round, fairly stable stack.
Be sure to fully understand your responsibilities that come with the purchase of a firewood permit and remember to visibly place the permit tag on the cut wood before leaving the forest. There are other ways of piling your wood, but these are the two most commonly used methods.

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