Why cant i get pregnant with pcos

If you suspect that you are suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) because you are experiencing symptoms like infertility, irregular and infrequent menstrual cycles and acne, you need to truly understand what this condition means and how you can deal with it, so that it does not affect your fertility.
PCOS causes your body to produce excessive insulin, and, as a response to this, produces high levels of male hormones. Knowing that you have PCOS, your irregular uterine bleedings are considered to be normal and are usually due to your lack of ovulation in such a way that the fragile lining of the uterus becomes thickened from excess estrogen and is not corrected by the monthly production of progesterone from the ovary that normally follows ovulation. Hi there, 33 yrs & suffer from Pcos, trying to concieve for 4 yrs now, had the oval drilling with regular period now every month.
The truth is that, although we spent much of our adolescence being told that pregnancy can happen anytime we so much look at a member of the opposite sex, getting pregnant does not come naturally for every couple.
This bears repeating: pregnancy does not come naturally, easily or cheap to many, many couples. There is a reason why Facebook and other Social Media groups exist to support those who are struggling with infertility or struggles conceiving naturally. But you’re too young to be dealing with this stuff!┬áBecause young people never have health issues.

The truth is that PCOS is characterized by multiple, small cysts that appear like black dots on an ultrasound screening. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. With this, I do suggest that you consult your doctor if which particular medical treatment option is best for you to take to help alleviate your uterine bleeding. But since I have several family members and good friends who have struggled with various difficulties in the baby making department, please allow me to be a sort of liaison between the cluelessly knocked-up and the frustrated infertile. However, there is a difference in talking about the baby kicking and complaining that you didn’t even mean to get pregnant with your third baby.
If you do ovulate, it is very hard to figure out when this happens, so it is very hard to plan a pregnancy.
Your doctor can help you figure out what the best treatment for you is, whether you are trying to get pregnant now or later.
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I highly recommend seeing your fertility specialist to determine exact cause and be provided with available fertility treatments. Ovulation prediction kits may not work for you because they will not be able to correctly detect LH surges if your LH levels are elevated, which happens sometimes in women with PCOS. Other symptoms of PCOS are pelvic pain, thinning hair, obesity and increased hair growth on your face, back and chest. There are also herbs and all-natural fertility supplements available that can address fertility issues brought about by PCOS, like Vitex or Chasteberry, and Fertibella, that are effective in balancing reproductive hormone levels and regularizing cycles.
PCOS may be a difficult obstacle to overcome when trying to get pregnant, but it is far from impossible not to.

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