Why can't i get pregnant whats wrong with me

Lynch said that about 15 percent of women won't get pregnant after a year of trying, but only three to five percent of them are truly infertile.
The average time frame that it takes most women to get pregnant after Depo Provera is around four to ten months, but some women even take years to get pregnant after Depo Provera.
Many women find that after they stop taking Depo Provera, they have a hard time getting pregnant.
Of course, there is no magic number to determine how long it will take for you to become pregnant.
Yes; Fertibella Conceive can help you, given that is clinically proven effective in overcoming the most common obstacles to conception, and has been designed to dramatically increase your chances of conception better than traditional fertility treatments. I took the depo provera a month and a half ago but now realizing it was the wrong thing for me to do because I want to fall pregnant… Wat are some ways I can do now to help my body to back on track to I can be able to conceive once the first dose of depo is finished in a month and half time. I have only had 3-4 shots of depo and I stopped depo shots completely and its been about 7 months since I’ve stopped but during that time i have met the love of my life and he is now my Fiance and we are really trying to conceive and we’re failing horribly and he gets a little discouraged each time we fail I really would like to purchase the ConceiveEasy kit but I wont buy if it will not help me at all we are praying on this so honesty is a must for us! It can be a great choice for many women who are looking to prevent pregnancy, since it is easier to remember than a daily oral pill. As we said before, about four months after your last shot, your chances of getting pregnant will slowly start to increase.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.

You may begin taking ConceiveEasyA® right away at anytime during your cycle, taking one tablet daily with meals.
I only took 2 shots, had massive weigh gain I cannot loose and now a year later can’t get pregnant. You only get one shot of Depo Provera every three months, and most women enjoy not having to worry about their birth control any more than that. The reason for the problems getting pregnant is because once you start taking Depo Provera, your periods become irregular and in some cases stop all together. Your chances of getting pregnant will not be the same as they were before you started Depo Provera until around two years after your last shot!
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! FertiBella is virtually unmatched in placing the cervix into a higher, softer, and more open hyper fertile state during ovulation, to maximize your chances of getting pregnant quick & easy. And to ensure a healthy pregnancy, we recommend you see your doctor for a pre-conception visit when you’re ready to begin trying to get pregnant.
This makes it hard to calculate when you will be ovulating, and therefore harder to get pregnant.
The average time frame that it takes most women to get pregnant after Depo Provera is around four to ten months, but the times can vary greatly between women.

This is a great thing when you are trying to prevent pregnancy, because Depo Provera also prevents regular menstruation. Another reason that Depo Provera can cause trouble getting pregnant is because women don’t realize how long it can remain in their systems. The effects of a single Depo Provera shot can remain in the body for up to eight months, sometimes even a bit longer. Ask your doctor if you have any additional questions on getting pregnant after Depo Provera.
At around four months after your last Depo Provera shot, your chances to get pregnant will gradually start to increase. However, it can sometimes take up to two years before your chances of getting pregnant are the same as what they were before taking Depo Provera.

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