Why can't i get pregnant second time around

When Charlotte Claydon’s son, Thomas, turned two, she and her husband, Tim, decided it would be the perfect time to start trying for an addition to their family. Lifestyle factors also come into play: alcohol, stress, weight gain or weight loss can all reduce fertility, especially if these have drastically altered since the birth of the first child. Unfortunately, things don't look to be much better with Kelly's second pregnancy (she and husband, Brandon Blackstock are having a baby boy!), as she needs constant IVs and fluids due to dehydration. Just 29, healthy and with living proof that she could conceive, she assumed it would be just a matter of time before she had some happy news to share with family and friends. He says he’s helped more than 300 women with secondary infertility to conceive — the majority are over 35 and starting to panic. While pregnant with her now 17-month-old daughter, River Rose, Kelly told the folks at CBS This Morning she vomited nonstop throughout the day -- which would make any of us want to give the finger to those who said "morning sickness" would stop past the first trimester.

Her doctor told her that if she could have one baby with no problems, then there was no reason why she shouldn’t fall pregnant with another.
Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her bumpy second pregnancy, that's not an easy walk on the park. There have been a few false starts before striking gold.’While the ectopic pregnancy doubtless contributed to the Evanses’ struggle, the feelings they experienced are something Charlotte can relate to.
Charlotte’s doctors simply don’t know.While one in six couples will experience the heartbreak of primary infertility — where the woman is unable to conceive or carry a baby to term for known or unknown reasons — secondary infertility (SI) remains far more mysterious. Every time a procedure failed, I had to cope with the physical demands my body was under and the emotional strain, which was made worse by this sense of guilt from knowing that while I was desperate for a second child, other people were struggling to have even one.‘A very close childless friend was going through IVF at the same time as me. The GP told me not to worry, to be healthy, to give it time.’Reassured, Catherine, who writes a blog about being a mum, titled babygenie, tried to do just that.

She points out that just getting over having a first baby can take 18 months, and the additional stresses of work, sleepless nights, finding time for sex, only fuel the problem.‘Women have an idea about how many children they want and when they want to have them,’ she says. A laparoscopy — where doctors examined the inside of her abdomen with an internal camera — followed, and then a further ultrasound, but the cyst was shown to be harmless and doctors could find no medical reason why she couldn’t conceive.It came as both welcome and confusing news. Anything a woman can do to regain equilibrium will help her chances of conceiving,’ she says.

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