Where can i ask questions about pregnancy

Yesterday, I was on an elevator with my dad when he asked a total stranger when she was due. I told myself when my son was born that I would never be offended if someone accidentally assumed I was pregnant again.
When people ask me, I tell them it is a stomach tumor scheduled to be surgically removed next week.
My daughter (she has an enlarged liver) has been asked three times, each a year or more apart, by the same church lady.
I haven’t yet experienced the awkward asking of if I were pregnant, but both times I was pregnant I had random people come up to me to tell me what I was having based on how I looked.
I am an early childhood educator and often get asked by the children if I have a baby in my tummy. The book is going to be about the intersection of politics and religion and how modern day fundamentalists have— I'm just kidding! August 30, 2014 by Mama in the Now 18 Comments It seems right now like everyone around me is pregnant or have just had a baby – and I love it.
Remember: “knowledge is power” and then enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, knowing that you are already doing a fabulous job as a mom! We have talked a lot about how the baby is born and how mommy usually goes through some pain first, but she's okay.
I have told them that yes, I will continue to grow as the baby grows and just when you think I can't possibly get any bigger -- I will. I have one child who really wants to help out when the baby comes, one who wants nothing to do with it all, and a third who seems indifferent either way.
On top of talking about what pregnancy is like, I am trying to prepare them for what life will be like with a baby in the house too. They are quite concerned about how big I am getting -- I get it because sometimes I am too, but I know it's normal since I've been here before. Before I became pregnant, I had been with my OB for YEARS (thanks mother nature for introducing periods on my 10th birthday) so I felt like I had it all down with him.
Then you become face to face with your doctor in that tiny stale room and you rather guess what 80s show it came out of rather than ask him a question about your pregnancy.

I am here to tell you, that the answer is no J I remember my … erm, “downstairs” smelling a whole new smell of smells when I was pregnant and I was super concerned. I was talking to one of them about how silly the girls (there is a gaggle of girlies that hand out together) can be sometimes, he then proceeds to tell me that one of the little girls asked HIM if he had a baby in his belly.
I not only had someone ask me when I was due, but when I told her I wasn’t pregnant, she actually ARGUED with me!
I was actually pregnant and knew the sex but didn’t want to share with someone who is basically a stranger.
I also experienced the horrifying moment when a stranger puts their hands on your belly and talks to it.
So try not to read the facial expressions of the ultrasound tech (although it is hard not to do), but rather wait to ask your questions with your doctor after their have reviewed the ultrasound. A lot of these defects are unavoidable, but knowing about them before the baby is born will help the parents to prepare (mentally and logistically).
But now that she’s here we can start to add more pink to her clothing rather than all that yellow, green, and gray. They are really excited and we have many conversations about my pregnancy and what life will be like with a newborn in the house. We talk about how they cry because they can't talk yet and they seem to think that's all the baby will do -- ever. I often have to quickly tell my kids to get off my lap and run to the bathroom -- and they know what that's all about. They ask if they can come see us in the hospital when we talk about how long I will be away, but I will be OK -- and they need reassurance they won't have to see all the things (especially the umbilical cord, which grosses my son out). It does not matter how much they have seen from you (or others) because the thought of asking them some questions can still be embarrassing.
I wait the recommended 6 weeks as mentioned from my doctor because I don’t intend to mess up my downstairs any worse than child birth can already do so.
Once, while I was pregnant with my first, a skeevy old man came up to me at work and asked if I was pregnant. They had been asking for another brother or sister almost as long as we were battling against infertility to bring another child to the family — it was a super happy moment for all of us when we were able to share with them.

We are very open about the whole process and open to answering any questions they have about how the baby gets there and how it comes out and though we talk often, they tend to ask the same questions over and over. We talk that the baby will be sleeping in Mom and Dad's room, but they always ask if the baby can sleep with them instead.
I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but it totally comes with a package of crazy dreams, to the point where you can orgasm in your sleep!
Don’t forget, we aren’t doctors here at MOMquery but you can definitely ask us questions before heading to the OB if it will give you some extra courage And if you have any questions about the Mucus Plug – that’s my favorite topic! I love watching my friends grow babies – especially when I am not the one feeling all uncomfortable from fluid retention and having a little human doing an Irish jig on my bladder. I encourage every pregnant woman to ask questions and to be as informed about all aspects of her pregnancy as possible.
Sometimes it can be a bacteria infection, so for the sake of you & your babe, don’t be afraid to ask! I know we all hope for “within normal ranges” on every measurement, but sometimes there are variations and it is important to know what they mean and when you should seek further testing or answers. But you asking them to focus on the heart (as an example) will help draw their attention to it – and hopefully avoid that any defects go unnoticed. I do know that sometimes it can become quite painful, so don’t hesitate to ask for some possible relief options! I am very passionate about early detection of congenital birth defects, especially heart defects. Pregnant women are so vulnerable to fears and this list seems like it could negatively impact a mother who is uneducated in these things.
Constipation and your baby sitting on certain nerves can lead up to this happening, so if you come across any bumps, irritations or blood when wiping – Chat with your doctor! Knowing ahead of time if your baby has a birth defect, being able to plan the delivery and arrange for the best possible care and treatment ahead of time can change the outcome drastically.

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