When your pregnant is your pee bright yellow

It's not something you might think about often, but your pee can tell you a lot about your body. The urine is helpful in indicating pregnancy, if you have an internal injury or problem that can’t be detected on the outside or that your intake of some scrumptious colorful berry is a lot more than it should be.
Dark yellow: as pale yellow is the normal color of urine, dark yellow indicates that the person is dehydrating as the concentration of salts is higher than normal. Green: this is linked to the Methylene blue of the blue urine that mixes with the urochrome of tour natural pale yellow urine.

This graphic from Cleveland Clinic shows what different urine hues might say about your health.
It's useful to know that if you don't see any color you might be drinking too much water, while the darker yellow and amber colors are signs to go fill your water glass.
Maybe for men it is easier to notice them when it enters the urinary bowl and for women only if they view the tissue after wiping it off. Moreover, it can also indicate some Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), dehydration by the change of color of your urine, which means that it becomes darker and more concentrated, also tell if the amount of nicotine or caffeine has increased in your body, especially that of women.

Lesser the water, darker the yellow shade of the urine, so try drinking more water than usual in such a condition.
Moreover, consult a doctor so that he may specify your condition and treat you accordingly.

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