When you pregnant

You know you are pregnant when everything food related on Pinterest makes you sick instead of wanting to pin it.
You know you’re pregnant when you get up to pee in the middle of the night and fall asleep on the toilet.
You know you’re pregnant when you are scrubbing the baseboards because the baby can’t come home (months from now) without clean baseboards!
You know you are pregnant when you pop a tum in your mouth every 5 minutes…especially before I finally started taking prilosec!

Oh yeah!And you know you’re pregnant when the only food craving you get can be satisfied by hopping onto a plane and traveling around half the world!! I spent the first four months of being pregnant with my daughter so sick that I turned green whenever I walked into a grocery store. You know you’re pregnant when you spend the majority of your day bowing down to your porcelain throne. I knew I was pregnant when I started craving cheeseburgers and strawberry shakes from McDonalds.

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