When to start getting ready for pregnancy

As your pregnancy wears on, you’re probably noticing changes in other parts of your body, particularly your breasts. Before then, most women have colostrum on hand to feed the baby before your breasts start producing actual milk. 2) Get the number of a great lactation consultant: As you get closer to your due date, ask around for the number of the best lactation consultant. 4) Consider starting to breastfeed on the delivery table: The best time to start breastfeeding is right after birth.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for mom and baby- but it helps to relax and be kind to yourself during the rough parts. Reading books and guides are good but the best way to learn how it all works is to talk to moms who have been through those first days and got through them to tell the tale.
Here is a link to a site where you can search for a certified lactation consultant anywhere in the world. To ensure the best possible outcome for yourself, talk to moms who were able to breastfeed for at least a few months.

The sucking will start stimulating the lactation hormones, the baby will start learning how nurse and as a bonus, it’s great bonding time.

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