When to get pregnant after a late miscarriage

The advent of home pregnancy tests and a more open society have seen a huge rise in the number of reported miscarriages. The model and actress is not the only celebrity to have suffered the trauma of a late miscarriage in recent months.In February, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, 40, lost a baby two months before she was due to give birth.
She had also suffered a miscarriage the previous year.Last November, 25-year-old singer Lily Allen faced the same tragedy six months into her pregnancy. This is largely because of the increase in the number of women having babies later in life.

This is a concern, and we do not know quite why it is.‘Women can be deeply affected by miscarriage — it is a bereavement, and a particularly painful one because other people haven’t met your baby. I found it difficult to come to terms with losing my little girl,’ she said.Doctors could find no reason for the miscarriage. Certainly, there’s a need for further research into why so many women lose babies in this day and age.’Lisa Hooper, 39, from Margate, Kent, went through the trauma of three late miscarriages before she was referred to the Tommy’s clinic in London. Emotionally, I was beside myself, wondering why this kept happening to me.’In 2008, she became pregnant again.

Eleven babies are stillborn every day in Britain.Losing a baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy - when the baby could survive in an incubator - is classed as a stillbirth. Over the age of 45, it shoots up to 75 per cent.‘Miscarriage rises with maternal age - and more women are having babies later,’ says Prof Regan.

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