When to conceive a baby leo

However, it should be said that all the ways to conceive a boy, who is known for today, do not give 100% guarantee.
It turns out that in the case of intercourse on the day of ovulation and for 10-20 hours before it occurs more chances to conceive a boy. In addition to conceiving a boy for some time prior to sexual intercourse and during it you want the room was cool. To find out the sex of the baby, you are making the following calculations: if the date of birth of the mother falls on an odd day, therefore, the ideal time to conceive a boy will be even.
This is true, in particular, when the genus of one of the parents has a genetic disease that is passed on to a certain line, that is, female or male, and you want to avoid this disease in the child. In other situations directly to conceive a boy to do IVF is not desirable: first, very expensive, and secondly, it makes no sense. Ultra-creative Leos love to put on plays, have imaginary friends or pretend that they are in a different era.

Leos are naturally wired to strive for the best, so unless you want to create a mini-dictator, you’re better of teaching them to be good sports than urging them to go for the gold. Leos thrive on positive reinforcement and encouraging words are often all that are needed to keep your Leo working hard and on the right path.
In other words, for the birth of his son need to conception was the day when ovulation occurs, but not later than days after. In other words, to plan the gender of the baby, it is very important to know the sign, at the moment of conception, which is the moon.
Therefore, if the number of years even, in even-numbered months, a woman can conceive a girl, the odd – boy.
Since Leo craves more affection than the average kid, having a puppy or kitten to hug will fill in the gaps when you can’t be there for a squeeze. Working with other kids in this responsible capacity will bring out your Leo’s natural leadership skills.

Due to the belief that different testes is the seed that conceives children of different gender, became the custom to tie up one testicle. According to astrologers, for a baby boy auspicious days, when the moon is in Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini or Leo. Because when you orgasm the vagina occurs alkaline environment, which is not very suitable X-sperm.
Therefore, the sex of the baby depends on which chromosome is the sperm that will fertilize the egg.

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