When does a pregnant woman start to show

Thank you everyone, I went to the doctors and he examined me and doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with my ovaries, he thinks I am suffering from stress which has delayed my period and is making me emotional. I started showing around 13 weeks but close friends could barely tell then… Around 14 weeks, my friends started noticing and patients who were looking closely commented on my bump! Below is a little collage of pictures I put together a while ago to better show when the bump truly started to show.
Me and my partner are not currently trying for a baby and I have a coil fitted, so I think the chances of me being pregnant are very slim.

Most women normally miss at least one period a year, but because a lot of women are on the pill they get "fake" periods and presume they are every month when they aren't. I think it can take taller people a while to show sometimes because there’s more room in the abdominal cavity.
I can have very short or very long bleeds, some heavy some light which makes keeping track of "normal"! last year I had a similar situation where I hadn't bled for about 3 months but the previous times i had were really heavy but had lots of pain and symptoms similar to when I was pregnant, went to the doctors and was dismissed as being normal for me but they sent me for an ultrasound to check the coil position and just check all was ok. Coil was fine and no major problems though I still had a lot of cysts on my ovaries, she also noted that the lining of my womb was quite thick so may well have a bleed soon. A few days after I did bleed and was pretty uncomfortable, unfortunately I just have to put up with it!

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