When can i conceive after delivery

Having another child is usually the last thing on a woman’s mind immediately after giving birth.
Breast feeding can affect a woman’s cycle by delaying the return of her cycle (compared to women who do not breastfeed). Despite the old wives’ tales, a woman can become pregnant at any time after giving birth. Immediately after giving birth, the most important thing a couple can do is to take care of their newborn baby and themselves.
Walking and lifting a new baby will be about all a woman can handle during the first several weeks. The best way to prepare for a pregnancy immediately after giving birth is to make sure the woman’s body has had adequate time to heal and in the best shape possible.

Pregnancy, labor and delivery are still fresh in your mind, but you're wondering when you can start working on baby No. Therefore, people often assume that if a woman is breastfeeding, she cannot become pregnant. A woman needs to nourish her body so that it can heal itself and creating a good milk supply.
It is also important to make sure that the newborn isn’t being shortchanged by efforts to conceive. Additionally, if a woman is nursing, becoming pregnant again can cause a depletion of her current milk supply and negatively affect her body’s functions. Read on to learn the answer to this question and what you should do to increase or decrease your chances of getting pregnant after giving birth.

During the first few weeks after delivery you may experience pains from an episiotomy or tearing, hemorrhoids, bleeding or clot-containing vaginal discharge. Trying to conceive while you're still recovering can slow down the process, reopen tissue that's starting to heal or increase the risk of a postpartum infection.Recovery TimeEven though you can resume having sex with your partner four to six weeks postpartum -- pending your doctor's orders -- that doesn't mean you are fully recovered. Office on Women's Health recommends waiting at least 12 months after giving birth before trying to get pregnant again . When you are breastfeeding, your fertility is suppressed, and you are less likely to get your periods.

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