What to eat when pregnant with twins

Keep crackers, fruits (berries, plums, and bananas are all easy to eat fruits), low-fat yogurt packs, pre made smoothies (with no additives or preservatives) and protein snacks on hand for quick, easy to prepare snacks. If you experience constipation, eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and bran based cereals throughout the day. You should be aware that the recommended weight gain for twins is more than for a single pregnancy. If you are vegan, or do not eat a lot of dairy in your diet, you may need to take calcium supplements.
If you are interested in herbal supplements to help alleviate any issues in your pregnancy, speak to a trained, certified herbalist. Remember that while it's important to eat a balanced diet, it's equally important to treat yourself. It’s bad enough thinking that your figure is about to go to you-know-where and back again now that you’re pregnant -- but with twins, you may as well expect that trip twice. Part of the myth of having twins is true: you will need to up your calorie intake for the day.
Pregnant women are advised to consume 25 g more protein per baby, so add 50 g to your daily protein intake when you are pregnant with twins. Consuming iron while pregnant will reduce your risk of hypertension, anemia, and preterm delivery. For example, three to four servings of: one glass (250ml) of non-fat milk, one glass of soy or rice milk with added powdered calcium, one tub (200ml) of yogurt, and one to two slices of hard cheese.

Though you are not restricted to not eating these unhealthy foods, you should only eat them in small amounts and on the rare occasion when you have a craving for cookies you cannot ignore.
One way to ensure you get enough nutrients while pregnant with twins is to create a meal chart that you can fill in every day.
This will help you limit any unhealthy meals and ensure you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals through the food you eat on a daily basis. This will allow you to sleep longer at night without having to get up constantly to use the bathroom.
Healthy women with a normal BMI before pregnancy should gain between 37-54 pounds during a twin pregnancy,[25] as opposed to between 25-35 pounds for a single pregnancy.[26] Your doctor will recommend a weight gain that's appropriate for you. Pregnancy comes with many stresses, so if you feel like the occasional ice cream or chocolate, it's okay to indulge from time to time (unless you're diabetic or develop gestational diabetes). However, twin pregnancies are considered high-risk pregnancies, as they require a little more attention and care than a normal pregnancy.[1] It is important that you eat foods and maintain eating habits that will provide all the necessary nutrients for you and for both of your babies. Avoid higher intakes than this, as high caffeine intake during pregnancy is associated with infant health problems.[21] Avoid consuming caffeine at the same time as you take iron supplements or eat foods that contain iron, as caffeine may interfere with iron absorption. In this condition, the mother has increased blood pressure, protein in her urine, and more swelling than normal in pregnancy.
As well, pregnant women should take a folic acid supplement each day to ensure they have the right amount of folic acid in their system. However, the FDA recommends that pregnant women always check with their doctor about the safety of taking an herbal supplement before buying it or consuming it.

Rather than overload on carbs or sugary foods, you should focus on eating mineral and nutrient rich meals that will ensure your babies are healthy in and out of the womb. Rather than tuck in for a big meal, eat small healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your nausea in check.
So you will likely experience constipation when pregnant, and will need to consume high fiber foods to help your gut digest. Proper nutrition may ensure an easier pregnancy and an optimum outcome: two thriving children. In 2009 the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill conducted a study regarding nutrition and twin pregnancies in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Now that’s encouraging.Eat, Eat and Eat Some MoreEating for three is pretty much the same as eating for two, except you just need more of it. Elaine Wu, a Toronto-based registered dietician, points out that “Mom should eat a healthy balanced diet according to the [USDA] Food Guide that is sufficient to support a healthy weight gain, plus a daily multivitamin [as recommended by your doctor] containing folic acid and iron to prevent deficiencies that could lead to neural-tube defects and other possible congenital abnormalities." She adds, “A woman pregnant with twins may possibly require extra vitamin B-12 supplementation in combination with the folic-acid supplements.
In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, your weight-gain goal within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy should be about 24 pounds. From there on in, keeping the scales within 35 to 45 pounds of your pre-baby weight is ideal.

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