What to eat when pregnant for energy

Most expectant mothers will experience chronic fatigue during some of their pregnancy, usually in their first and third trimester. Many of symptoms of anemia are also common symptoms of a normal pregnancy such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and trouble concentrating.
There are many yoga routines geared towards pregnant women, and many of them aim to help raise energy levels. A good way to boost your energy, your endorphins, and your overall mood is to put on some upbeat tunes and dance. Because your body will be expending more energy, and you will feel more tired during your first and last trimester, you should start going to bed earlier than normal. If you are experiencing pain when you sleep on your side, then try placing a pillow between your knees. When you are feeling overly tired, you may need to let some things go to focus on yourself.
Some stress is normal during pregnancy, but too much stress can make it hard to sleep at night.

You need about 300 more calories per day when you are pregnant, which may slow you down if you consume large meals.[29]A way to get the nutrients you need to stay energized is to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.
Iron-rich foods help prevent anemia, which can cause fatigue and be a problem during pregnancy. Eating foods rich in energy-boosting vitamins can help you fight fatigue throughout the day. When pregnant, you should eat a healthy, nutritious diet, along with making sure you don't gain too much weight. Recent research has shown that it's safe to have a moderate amount of caffeine a day while pregnant.
When you're pregnant, your body produces more blood, increasing the need for more iron.[46] If you are not getting enough iron or other nutrients, you might end up anemic. You can maintain energy levels by exercising, getting proper nutrition, sleeping well, and getting enough fluids. Go for a walk during your lunch break, take the dog for a walk, or set aside time to walk with a walking partner after you get home from work.

It can also cause headaches and changes in your appetite.[27] Take time for yourself during your pregnancy. Don't drink caffeine too late in the day.[45] Caffeine can stay in the system for many hours and interfere with sleep. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before making changes to your diet or activity level during pregnancy.[1] Keep reading to learn more about how to gain energy during pregnancy.
Look online or buy a DVD of pregnancy yoga routines so you can fit a half hour of yoga into your day whenever you have a spare moment. Add in 300 extra calories to your normal daily food intake to compensate for the extra work your body is doing. Iron levels are tested during pregnancy and you will be advised if you need to take supplements or boost the amount of iron in your diet.

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