What is teenage pregnancy and its impact

Becoming a mother is a big challenge in the life of a woman and do it at a very early age much. In order to identify effective ways to prevent teenage pregnancy, one has to be aware of the risk factors. Although pregnancy teen obviously affects teenagers, especially young mother more than anyone else, there are consequences for the whole family . The pregnant teenager is considered high risk, and worry about the health of the young mother and baby can cause stress on the entire family . Speaking of consequences of teenage pregnancy, teen pregnancy affects a young mother, both physically and mentally.
Pregnancy teenager can be a physical, economic and academic for young mothers and challenge.

The younger you are your pregnancy require some special care, but that does not mean that you will not have a healthy baby and you can really enjoy it.
Swelling during pregnancy is very common, especially when your growing uterus begins to press on the stomach. Risk factors for pregnancy are teenage youth, poor academic performance and being born to a single mother or teen parents. Parents may have to help guide teens to make that decision, and the whole family will have to face the consequences. Note that sometimes home tests can be false negative, or if you have a negative result and you have not had your period you will want to consult your doctor for a blood test or repeat the test in 48 home and 72 hs. There are several options to relieve swelling caused by gas and constipation during pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent teens from having sex, talking to them, helping them, loving them and finally, being a good role model and surrounding them with good role models.
Teenage mothers need more than ultrasound breadwinner and support in college and professional life.

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