What are your chances of getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal

How to Get Pregnant After a Vasectomy ReversalIt may take time to get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal.By Dominique W. If your partner has had a vasectomy reversal, there are several factors that may increase your likelihood for getting pregnant. During a vasectomy, a surgeon disconnects the tubes-or the vas deferens--that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen. Even if a man had a vasectomy over 15 years ago, it is still possible to have a successful reversal. Less than 3 years ago: The odds of success are highest with approximately 97 percent of men having sperm present in the semen again. Between 3-8 years ago: Eighty-eight percent of these men have sperm in the semen but the pregnancy rate decreases to 53 percent. Between 9-14 years ago: Almost 80 percent of men in this group have sperm present in the semen, but the pregnancy rate is only around 44 percent. It is important to be sure that the female in the partnership is able to get pregnant naturally. Other factors may play a role in successful pregnancies after a man has a vasectomy reversal.
Scrotum supporter: Wearing a scrotum supporter during the healing period may improve the chances of getting pregnant after reversal surgery.
Wear boxer shorts instead of briefs: After the six week healing period is completed, a man should wear boxer shorts to allow more air to circulate around the testicles. Changing beverages: Decreasing consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also be beneficial when trying to get pregnant. ASA antibodies: After a vasectomy, most men will develop anti-sperm antibodies because sperm still continues to be produced but the body perceived that they are "foreign" and creates antibodies to attack them.
Epididymis Obstruction: If sperm counts do not return after a vasectomy reversal, it may be due to an epididymis obstruction. It can take some time to get pregnant after vasectomy reversal-in many cases, it may take at least six months. Understanding how to get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal may require some research and lifestyle changes, but many couples get pregnant and carry the pregnancy to term. Many women become dismayed when almost 12 months have gone by since their partner's vasectomy reversal and they are still not pregnant.  Month after month of negative pregnancy tests can certainly take its toll on any woman's spirit, but when it comes to getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal, it's important to know what's realistic and understand the facts. First and foremost, following a vasectomy reversal, it takes several months, if not longer, to return to a normal sperm count.
So while getting pregnant within a few months after the reversal is certainly not unheard of, it's also not the norm. The most important thing following a vasectomy reversal is to monitor the semen analysis and the sperm for motility.
Once the semen analysis shows optimal sperm count and motility,  we typically give couples six months to get pregnant with timed intercourse; that is, monitoring ovulation, having intercourse every other day, four to five days before through about four to five days after ovulation.
Getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal is a process, and it sometimes can be a long process.
Leave your comments - share your experiences about conceiving after a vasectomy reversal here. Maryland Doctor's Vasectomy Reversal Delivers New Bundle of JoyA Maryland primary care physician experiences the joys of fatherhood thanks to a successful vasectomy reversal performed by The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America's Dr.

Factors To Consider When Getting Pregnant After A Vasectomy Or A Vasectomy Reversal, Including Procedure Details, Recovery, And Chances Of Conceiving After A Vasectomy.
Michelle Bruns MaffeiFor many men who choose to have a vasectomy, their decision is 100% and they have no regrets. Vasectomy reversal procedureWhen a patient undergoes a vasectomy reversal, the surgeon evaluates the fluid at the time of the procedure to determine which type of vasectomy reversal will be performed. Vasovasostomies are the most common, involving the reconnection of the end of the vas deferens under a powerful microscope. RecoveryPain after a vasectomy reversal has been reported to be equal to, or a little more than, the discomfort of the original vasectomy.
After avoiding strenuous activity for three weeks and avoiding intercourse for four weeks, normal activities will gradually be allowed.
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This procedure can be reversed but the percentage of successful pregnancies gets smaller the more time has passed since the vasectomy was originally performed. The following re are some things that you can do to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. If a man has a normal sperm count and the couple is having timed intercourse for six months, pregnancy should occur.  If a couple has not conceived within this time, we make sure the sperm counts are still normal and then we will evaluate the female partner for fertility issues.
There are many factors that come into play for couples trying to conceive, from semen quality to a woman's age.
Options for re-operation or invitro fertilization through sperm retrieval will be discussed with you by your doctor at such time.

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Tend not to pass up this chance to go into the home and property current market when the homeowners could provide that household. For around two months after the procedure, a secondary form of birth control should be utilized; at this time, the surgeon will request a semen sample for a sperm count.
These antibodies can bind to the sperm and compromise the sperm's ability to travel in the female reproductive tract; these sperm are also unable to bind with the female egg as well. There is no specific timeframe for how long you should try to conceive, however, you should discuss any concerns with your physician because the situations may vary for each couple.
If we do not see sperm in the ejaculate after three months, then the reversal has not been successful.
After a vasectomy reversal, it can take a couple of turnovers of sperm reserve, or approximately six to nine months, before sperm count returns to a level where getting pregnant is optimal. Don't become discouraged if you're not pregnant after only a few months following the reversal.
For men who have a change in circumstances, or simply change their minds, a vasectomy reversal may be in the cards. The microsurgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia by an urologist, reattaching the tube called the vas deferens, which was cut at the time of the original vasectomy procedure. The area added in another sweetening for any developers, with a one third lowering of regarding apply service fees. The actual programmers along with area officers come to an agreement the quota should really sign up for the location residence proposition.
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