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Pregnancy clothing options used to be little more than raiding your partner’s closet for shirts.
Water birth, at-home birth, doula, midwife … pregnant women have many options for how they’re going to deliver their babies.
Your baby measures around 23 cm in length from head to toe (9 inches) and weighs approximately 420 grams (or 14.8 ounces). During the 20th week your baby’s nails form and their fingerprints are now visibly engraved in their skin. Many women feel their unborn baby move for the first time around 20 weeks (sometimes earlier). You may begin to notice other pregnant women more readily and start looking more closely at their belly size and shape. Many women look obviously pregnant by now and probably need to start wearing looser clothing or buy special maternity clothes. All sounds reach baby distorted, with lower base notes registering with baby more readily than high-pitched singing or voices. This article was written by Alex Brooks for Kidspot, Australia’s best pregnancy resource. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy.
Yet the celebrity baby boom has brought designers running to make pregnant women look their best. However, if your placenta is in an anterior position (implanted at the front of your uterus closest to your belly), this can reduce the sensations and delay you feeling your baby until 22 weeks or later.

The medical term for when a woman feels her unborn baby move is called quickening and before the invention of modern pregnancy tests it was generally the first physical sign that confirmed a viable pregnancy. Sensing it for the first time is very exciting, as well as a wonderful confirmation of your baby’s growth and presence. Each woman’s pregnant belly differs, depending on their height and weight and whether it is their first or subsequent baby. She’s been listening to all your digestive gurgles since around 13 weeks, but because sound travels four times faster through fluid than air, these days she gets to hear all kinds of things in the womb.
Baby hears the melody and rhythm of conversations going on around her, rather than anything specific – and her mother’s voice stands out.
If your baby is a little girl, her vagina, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are in place. The top of your uterus now reaches your belly button and will grow about a centimetre per week.
The sounds your baby can hear include their mother’s heartbeat and the sound of her voice. Your partner and others will not be able to sense your baby moving by touching your belly until about 2 to 4 weeks after you do. In the weeks that follow, the thrill and wonder of this sensation will become more regular and as your baby grows bigger, you can share their movements with your partner (if you have one) or others. Try to remember that every woman is unique in how she changes and responds to her pregnancy. Your physician can hear your baby-to-be’s heartbeat with a stethoscope placed on your abdomen.

Expect to have some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms fade and others get worse—your nausea has probably ended while heartburn and indigestion have taken its place. Many women are often just as active and outgoing during their pregnancies as they were before conception. Watching a celebrity walk the red carpet a week after delivery can give you false sense of how quickly you’ll realistically be back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Bear in mind this is a general guide and the timing may be longer, especially if the woman is sensing her baby move before 20 weeks. Fathers (and siblings) will marvel at feeling their baby move, often helping them connect more closely with the unborn baby. If your baby is a boy, his genitals are distinct and recognizable and his tiny testes may be starting to descend, though will have not yet passed the abdominal wall into their final destination – the scrotum.
Seeing a star go through pregnancy—by means of candid pictures—makes them seem more like the rest of us. But as with all things Hollywood, some effects of the celebrity baby boom may leave you with unrealistic expectations for your own pregnancy.

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