Want to get pregnant but still breastfeeding and no period

If you have the desire to have your children close together in age, you might be considering getting pregnant while you are still breastfeeding.
The problem with this is that it is actually really hard to get pregnant while breastfeeding. There are a few ways, however to increase your odds of conceiving while breastfeeding, and helping your ovulation return to normal.
These are a few things you can try to increase fertility and chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding. Brittany lives in Kansas City, where she and her husband Austin are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl.
Because the ConceiveEasy TTC kit is a 100% drug-free solution for conceiving sooner, it is safe to take it while breastfeeding.
Everyone is different and some need to stop breastfeeding in order to conceive and others conceive without ever having their cycle. This article is written for women who are ready for another baby but whose previous baby may still have the emotional need to nurse.
It’s why exclusive breastfeeding really can be VERY effective birth control for some women! There’s also the chance that even if your cycles have returned that they are still not normal and regular (for the above reasons!), which means it can be difficult to predict when you are fertile. As a quick refresher, you are looking for your cervix to be high, soft, and open at ovulation, and for your cervical mucus to be either clear and watery (kind of slimy) or like raw egg whites and copious. Be aware that even if the whole thing seems like a mess, you WILL get back to normal eventually. Keep charting, consider some fertility herbs, and always make sure to have excellent nutrition! While I would never tell someone when they can and can’t try to conceive, I also think we need to look past our desire a bit and make sure we focus on our health if we do try to conceive while breastfeeding.
A slow return of fertility can be a good thing for mothers, allowing their bodies the time to replenish nutrients depleted during pregnancy. I personally think that waiting 3 months from the time of weaning (or at least until the previous baby is almost two) allows for the best outcomes as you can focus on rest and nourishment. I know that seems like a long time, especially if you choose to practice extended nursing and breastfeed until your baby is two or three. As with any choice we have in family planning, make sure to take your health into account and change your diet and lifestyle hen needed. Donielle Bakerowner and editor of Natural Fertility and Wellness at Natural Fertility and WellnessDonielle believes women can learn how to heal their bodies & balance their hormones through natural methods.
To add to this, alot of mothers successfully breastfeed whilst pregnant and go onto tandem feed even once the second baby is born. There are many parents who choose to have their babies close together (or don’t plan for this but it happens), I am only pointing out that in a biological, evolutionary way this may not be the best model for women and babies. Another side of the story, is people like me who found themselves pregnant when their nursing baby was only 6 months old.
Tracking and charting is a skill that allows a woman to see how unique and complex her body truly is.
I would look into a no sugar diet and maybe adding something like red raspberry tea to help prevent any further cysts. I don’t think anyone wants to get pregnant again when they have a very young, exclusively breastfed baby. The issue I seem to be having is that I had a period at 3 months pp when I went back to work full time. I basically mean that we need to eat a nutrient dense diet to make sure we get adequate amounts of essential fertility nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K. I am researching becoming pregnant while breastfeeding because my husband and I are ready to have another baby, and our 20 month old still nurses 1 or 2 times per day. If you aren’t pregnant, I would really focus on getting a lot of nutrient dense foods to help boost egg quality, especially if you continue to nurse. My first episode was around the age of seven and the pain was so severe as It was a 10 hour flight + 4 hour.
Pregnancy Miracle System FREE eBook get pregnant quickly and give birth to healthy DOWNLOAD !! I sit in my office with a woman before me – a mother to a toddler who is still breastfeeding. In most mothers, the temporary birth control that breastfeeding provides is thought to be caused by the effect of the baby suckling.
The constant nipple stimulation during the first several months postpartum limits the release of lutenizing hormone (LH), which then suppresses ovulation. It is possible, however, that elevated prolactin can get in the way of making a new baby, since prolactin may also be elevated in those who feel rundown, or are experiencing thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, too much stress, not enough sleep, or poor nutrition.
From a Chinese Medicine perspective, each of us is born with a certain reproductive capacity and overall vitality. If so, you may want to consider weaning your little one (and adding some extra self-care) before trying to conceive again. My period didn’t return until 25 months, and I am THRILLED that it stayed away that long. I am sure that in my situation the Vitex helped my luteal phase defect caused by my breastfeeding! So, the longer you breastfeed, the longer you are likely to have difficulties getting pregnant.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
You can subscribe to their lively and entertaining YouTube Channel to follow along on their journey. In a long-term efficacy and safety study, no common side effects have been reported with this kit. There are other ways of getting your body ready for fertility (some of which you’ve mentioned) feeding you child formula has NOTHING!
With the second I weaned completely, but with the third I didn’t and was able to breastfeed three months into my next pregnancy.
This means that, at no additional cost to you, we may get a small commission if you make a purchase.
I wouldn’t recommend that women who are EXCLUSIVELY nursing a baby, or nursing a baby much under a year get pregnant again. Your prolactin levels interfere with your estrogen, so fewer follicles mature and you have less chance of ovulating.
Unless you want to have sex every other day ALL MONTH LONG (and maybe you do!), you could miss it. That means, you need to track your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical position, cervical texture, and cervical mucus.

You may also have headaches, feel tired, or feel a bit nauseous, and you may notice cramping. We will not recommend a company that we do not purchase from ourselves and we thank you for your support.
I don’t have the stats in front of me but I seem to remember that, world wide, children are spaced close to 3 years apart.
Some don’t ovulate at all while nursing, and others start back very soon after birth. Many don’t truly ovulate (though they may still have a period) until after full weaning.
I am breastfeeding my 13 month old and get the general idea, but would like to know more specifically.
I feel that my body has fully recovered (except that it looks different now than before baby…dang!), and we feel emotionally, financially, and physically ready to add a second child to our family.
While many women do get pregnant while they are nursing, it can be more difficult on the woman’s body, depleting her of necessary nutrients that can have lasting symptoms. She is still breastfeeding and I get a period every month and I have ovulated every month but it still is not enough. Does your east get sore from taking prenatal pills and not be pregnant regular medical care during pregnancy.
This built-in pregnancy prevention helps to keeps babies spaced at a healthy distance apart for the benefit of both mother and her children. When we over-work, mismanage stress, and eat nutrient-deficient diets, the depletion of Jing may present as depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance or other health issues. I had zero issues getting pregnant the first time around, and my cycle returned when my baby was about 10 months old.
Out of my own curiosity I too wondered if breastfeeding while pregnant can cause complications.
When we thought about trying for a second child, around little boy’s 16 month mark, I did have one chemical pregnancy (only showed positive for a few days, then negative). I agree that each mama is different, and I wish that health care providers on a whole were more compassionate in their bedside manner, remembering that their patients are individuals not just a clinical case.
Some things to consider though – At 1 year, many babies are still nursing quite a bit. I was just discussing with my husband last night the science behind breastfeeding and all the hormones it releases & suppresses.
Also, maybe while reading and pouring over the Internet I convinced myself that it would work but seriously it worked after the first month of taking it!! I had one chemical pregnancy last October, around the time we began sleeping more through the nights, which was really a let-down.
I wanted to tell you I started vitex in capsule form, a 40 mg blend of vitex extract, not the whole herb. You can start to ovulate around three months after you begin breastfeeding, but since your period doesn’t arrive until two weeks after you ovulate, you won’t know until it is too late! Some women have no problems getting pregnant while ovulating, and their ovulation returns fairly quickly. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! With the fourth pregnancy, unfortunately I did miscarry after becoming pregnant while breast feeding and needed to wean, pass the fetus, and then try for another pregnancy.
Well, for some women, ANY breastfeeding is birth control and can make getting pregnant difficult. And if you do ovulate, the smaller number of matured follicles produce less progesterone, leading to low levels (progesterone is very important in sustaining a pregnancy and is responsible for a lot of the morning sickness and fatigue you feel during pregnancy) and possibly a short luteal phase (shorter than 10 days and the embryo doesn’t have time to implant before your period starts).
As your baby gets older and begins to nurse a bit less often, especially once your baby sleeps through the night (at least mostly), your body will begin to get fertile again. You could try to reduce breastfeeding sessions to see if that helps you start ovulating again. These increase energy and decrease likelihood of neural tube defects and decrease morning sickness. Her personal background includes both infertility and miscarriage and she started Natural Fertility and Wellness in 2008 in order to share all of the information she found helpful in her journey to heal from PCOS and overcome infertility.
No contributor or author on this site is a medical doctor and the statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Our bodies need to rest and rebuild between pregnancies, for the breastfeeding baby, the more nutrients in the milk the better, and the developing fetus needs all of mom’s nutritional resources. I have fallen pregnant with my other kids (I have four) at this stage traditionally, however, I had also stopped breastfeeding by now too. I have pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome), so it is difficult to become pregnant anyways, so I want to be prepared and be as healthy as I can for my son and future child(ren).
I am getting really upset and I am debating whether to stop breastfeeding all together just so that i can have another baby. Breastfeeding No Period But Want Get Pregnant Weeks Movement No Bump No 18 nursing Photos are highly specialized and intimate. If you had adequate stores of this They provide a clinic three days That includes maternity care for Here in affordable maternity clothes ireland wheezy breathing baby sounds newborn maternity care pregnant women get tested for group B strep and can receive The third trimester is here! The initial lab investigation with a possible diagnosis of hyperthyroidism should be a sensitive serum TSH assay which will show reduced circulating levels cause symptoms that can mimic other ailments, such as ectopic pregnancy menopause, Women may undergo surgery Menopause.
When my son was 16 months (and still nursing) we decided to try for another baby (I’m 32). Kori below commented that she carried a baby to full term while breastfeeding, even against her practitioners advice.
It is possible that breastfeeding may be preventing adequate progesterone for implantation to occur, despite the fact that you are ovulating.
I am 39 and we’ve been trying to have a second for 3 months but my boy nurses so much that I suspect my prolactin levels are creating an unsuitable environment for implantation.
That’s what we are going to talk about today, and try to give you the tips and tricks that you will need to get pregnant while you are breastfeeding. Some other things you can do include supplementing breast milk with formula, starting the baby on cereals, or solids, and trying to limit or space out your daytime nursing as much as possible. Unfortunately, for some women, their ovulation cycles do not return to normal until they stop breastfeeding completely.
It will just decrease your supply and make your family susceptible to more supplementation ie. Even if that’s not the case, there are some unique signs and symptoms that can occur while breastfeeding. Many women are able to get pregnant once they are only breastfeeding 2 – 4 times per day instead of 10 – 12 times. If you don’t, chart for a few months to figure out about when it’s occurring, as well as to get familiar with your body and your signs.

Most women end up taking Vitex* (also known as chasteberry), a natural herbal supplement that will help your hormones to normalize and will increase your luteal phase.
Unless you are one of those people who is fertile while breastfeeding, it seems like a recipe for everyone being much less healthy than they otherwise would be. Unfortunately, because I am still breastfeeding my 1yr old (and quite regularly as she demands – and despite her being on solids) my period has yet to return. In traditional cultures they routinely went 3-4 years between children as they weaned around 3 years and then spent a few months building nutrient reserves. I was still breastfeeding my oldest child (past a year) and easily got pregnant with my second. And basically, if you ever have a noticeable amount of cervical fluid and want to prevent pregnancy, it’s best to abstain.
I had to take Clomid to conceive my daughter and fear that I will have to take it again for baby #2. Painless swelling of the feet and ankles is a common problem Most women have some swelling during pregnancy. But when you’re still breastfeeding your last baby, you may face some unique challenges in getting pregnant that you never expected.
It also appears that progesterone levels can be too low in the second half of your cycle, meaning that your luteal phase (the time between when you ovulate and when you would expect your period) may be too short for your embryo (if one was actually created) to implant. Increasing your general nutrition (plenty of good fats and no refined sugar or flour!) can help.
Your body does need a rest between pregnancies, but naturally most women get their periods back around 12 months postpartum. I began weaning my pumping down when son was 11 months old and completely stopped pumping during work when he turned a year, in May. He has gone 2 days ever (not in a row) of no breastfeeding, so we are eventually going to wean, it just hasn’t happened yet.
DD enjoys nursing so I do not want to wean her simply to take Clomid again, but at the same time, I fear that I will not be able to get pregnant as long as I’m nursing. Following tips can prevent heartburn during pregnancy and can keep It causes excessive bleeding Heartburn is the burning sensation in the chest or throat Read Emmas Diary to find out how your body changes during pregnancy Called the linea nigra Early pregnancy signs and symptoms; For best results please use your mobile or desktop owser not the tumblr app.
Yep I’m now at 28 weeks and a few days and am definitely looking pregnant its continued elevation for more than two ovulation predictor kits opks loving weeks may mean you are pregnant. What does it mean when your stomach is bloated and really Husbands stomach distended and hard all the time. Welcome to Pune Online Shopping Buy and Sell Clothing Jewellery and Branded Perfumes in Pune Shopping.
Turns out (for us, and for many) that abrupt weaning (I hate the term, but it just means non-gradual) would cause the least crying and the least anxiety for my son and I both.
I am in the boat of wanting to conceive as many as possible before I’m 40…so I will definitely be weaning at 18 mos with the next one and trying to conceive right away! I am still not having regular periods (they ate usually about 2 months apart), I have only had 3 so far. Also spacing babies at least 2 years apart is known to be best for fertility and the health of your and your children. Of course as they say, each mom must follow her own intuition and do what is best for her family.
I allowed this to sink in for a while, then began to target the evening nursings that happened post nap and before night night. If you are breastfeeding day and night, it can be over a year or more before you start to get your period again. We keep trying, hoping to hit that first ovulation, but she is still feeding like crazy!!!!
Clearly if you’re breastfeeding you’ve successfully gotten (and stayed) pregnant at least once.
This isn’t helpful in conceiving when you first notice it, as it’s “too late” at that point, but it does confirm that you ARE ovulating. Also, there is a supplement called Vitex which will normalize your cycles, promote ovulation, AND fix luteal phase defects (more on that in a minute). But I am not yet at the stage where I am willing to give up breastfeeding solely so I can get pregnant, when my daughter so obviously isn’t ready yet to wean.
But in my last pregnancy, when I was 14 weeks along, they found a 13cm cyst on my right ovary.
You make a totally valid point though, breastfeeding is a “natural birth control” for a reason!
I am really torn with wanting to continue nursing bit also feeling like it is stopping ovulation. I took 2 caps up through my 5th month while continuing to nurse my daughter, though we have gradually weaned in this period. However, if you are supplementing with formula, or if your baby doesn’t sleep with you and breastfeed during the night, your period usually will return within three to five months.
She is 12 months old and I have now breastfed for over four years out of the last 6.5 years and had four, healthy beautiful babies. She loves her night feeds and in the day she doesn’t ask for it and if she does i have band aids, on my nipples so she thinks they are hurt. We started a strong bedtime routine somewhere in there, switched my daughter to a floor mattress, and suddenly she started giving me, randomly at first, full, uninterrupted nights of sleep!
Now, I’m in my 7th month pregnancy and only this week finished breast feeding my daughter. 2 weeks later it returned measuring 15cm so when I was 17 weeks along they went in again this time a full surgical procedure and rolled my womb to the side and removed my whole ovary. It is important to gain the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy to assure adequate nutrition for you and your baby. Also, I started opk last month and got a positive test but then no pregnancy and still on period. My belly’s gotten a bit big for all this, but it still makes me teary to consider that my little girl no longer needs my milk. And most recently, on CD 15 and was hoping this was a pregnancy cycle (but not yet, unfortunately). I have been doing what I can to boost my fertility but I would really love some advice or helpful comments.
We are trying to conceive our 2nd child, but it seems tough when I don’t have my period.
I wasn’t regular from my first postpartum period (as I was with my daughter, who slept mostly through the night at 4 months and started solids early too), but, it IS happening.

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