Vaginal odor during pregnancy

One of the many changes that you may experience during your pregnancy is a strong, foul, and fishy odor coming from your vagina. Your pregnancy will alter your body drastically and trigger changes in your hormones to aid in your baby’s development.
Next to hormonal changes, vaginal infections are the most common cause of foul vaginal odors during pregnancy. Although vaginal odors due to dietary causes may progress at any time, they occur more commonly in pregnant women.
If you notice that foul smells have been coming from your vaginal discharge for a notable period of time, it is advisable that you see your doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong.
Although the presence of yeast in your vagina is perfectly normal, its balance will be disrupted by the hormonal alterations from your pregnancy.

If your vaginal odor during pregnancy is very strong, but is not caused by an infection, it is probably from the cosmetic products you are using. Antibiotics can help you control and eliminate your vaginal discharge and odor, but always be sure to check with your doctor first to verify that these are safe for you to use and will not harm your baby.
Vaginal odor during pregnancy may come as a shock for you, as you may not have anticipated such an unpleasant outcome. When you begin to develop a series of cravings, especially for dairy products or food with garlic as an ingredient, you may observe a change in your vaginal secretion patterns. This will cause its population to boom, making your vagina itch and creating a strong smell. You may even begin to feel insecure whenever you visit your prenatal provider, thinking that your odor will be too much for her to bear.

Changes in your body come naturally when you conceive, so if your vaginal odor started at the same time your pregnancy did, they will probably end at the same time, as well.
To prevent your discharge from accumulating and creating a strong odor, always wear an absorbent sanitary pad or panty liner. These modifications in your hormone activity also trigger increased secretions from your vagina, causing a strong odor.
On the other hand, bacterial vaginitis develops due to the multiplication of bacterial cultures in your vagina.

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