Unwanted pregnancy pills name

JAMAICAN women have been secretly using a drug intended to treat something completely different, to abort unwanted pregnancies without a doctor's prescription.
Four to six of the small white pills, she said, are sold on the black market for between $12,000 and $15,000.
She noted that she would not recommend that women take the tablets after three months of pregnancy. Nonetheless, he warned against unprescribed Cytotec being used by pregnant women, and offered the reminder that abortions are illegal in Jamaica. Fletcher noted that the drug can be used legally to terminate abnormal pregnancies, but confirmed that despite this, some doctors are, in fact, giving it to patients who simply want to abort normal, healthy foetuses.
Twenty-three-year-old Alicia (last name withheld) said last year she found out she was pregnant at a time when she simply could not afford to have a child.

Four and a half months into her pregnancy, despite feeling the baby's movements inside of her, she visited a doctor who inserted one of the tablets inside her vagina and gave her two more tablets, instructing her to take them orally within seven hours after the insertion.
But, one reputable gynaecologist who did not wish to be named, said while he is not promoting the use of Cytotec for abortions, the drug is one of the most efficient methods of terminating a pregnancy and safer than abortions performed by many 'back-door' doctors using surgical instruments. Studies have demonstrated that Cytotec can be used to terminate pregnancies at any stage of gestation, hence unconfirmed reports reaching the Sunday Observer of unborn babies as old as five and six months being aborted through use of the powerful drug. One manufacturer of Misoprostol, Searle, warned consumers in 2000 about the possible risks of the drug if used during late pregnancy. However, another woman told the Sunday Observer she got four pills for $4,000 at a pharmacy in Portmore.
It is the vendor, without the benefit of medical or pharmaceutical training, who explains to the purchaser how the pills must be used.

This means that the drug has not been FDA approved for use as an abortion pill, for cervical ripening or to start labour.
Jennifer Whlaen, 38, covered her face as she appeared in court earlier this month to face charges of illegally purchasing a $45 abortion kit from an overseas pharmacy when her daughter experienced an unwanted pregnancy in January 2012. There are specifications to termination of pregnancies, but a lot of complications have been reduced since the 'abuse' of Cytotec," he said.

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