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This is a staggering number and it means that we have to work harder than ever to develop my ways of treating PCOS that will actually be effective. Be More Passionate About Your Spouse Than You Are About PregnancyI know you want to be pregnant right now.
This might seem counterintuitive considering PCOS makes it difficult to get pregnant anyway, but your contraceptive-pushing doctor has a good reason for writing that prescription. But if pregnancy is all you talk about, your husband is going to start feeling like you've forgotten that he even exists. Make Sex More Than a Science ExperimentWhen you are timing ovulation, taking injections, popping pills, and trying everything possible to conceive, sex becomes something entirely different. Research shows that 80% of women with PCOS will benefit from ovarian drilling and many experience a dramatic reduction of the male hormones within days after the procedure. For women trying to get pregnant, ovarian drilling can make fertility drugs more effective.

We have over 800 members involved and there is always some kind of PCOS discussion underway! This drug is normally used to treat adult onset diabetes, however it is also effective for PCOS because endocrine abnormalities often result in elevated insulin levels. Take a Break From Trying I know this is hard to hear, but I'm saying it from experience. Have a Date Night Once a WeekWe all get busy and infertility adds to your normal daily chaos with extra doctor's appointments, ultrasounds, and the occasional midnight pharmacy run. To put it simply, you must ovulate if you want to get pregnant and that is tricky if you have polycystic ovaries.
Make sure your marriage doesn't get lost in the shuffle by planning a date night once a week.
I have a dear friend whose lousy husband up and left her right before her baby was born after years of trying to conceive.

Eating a clean, gluten-free diet can make a big impact on your hormone levels and your chances of getting pregnant. Regular exercise is another important step for boosting your overall health and balancing those wacky PCOS hormones. The stress of dealing with PCOS drives many women to pick up the cigarette habit, but it is so destructive to the ovaries. It reduces your chances of getting pregnant and increases your risk factors if you do manage to conceive.

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