Trying to get pregnant glass of wine

Government advice recommends that women trying to get pregnant should drink no more than 1 to 2 units of alcohol twice a week - the equivalent of up to two glasses of wine.
Women trying to get ­pregnant and those in the first three months are advised to cut out all alcohol in guidance given today.
Everyone enjoys the odd glass of wine or whiskey and there is nothing wrong with unwinding in that way if you enjoy it. Furthermore, 30 to 40 percent of babies born to mothers who drink alcohol, either before or during pregnancy, frequently experience congenital heart defects or brain anomalies.
There is no ‘safe’ drinking amount for pregnant and trying to conceive women – therefore it is best to abstain from drinking alcohol during this time.

For people trying to conceive it might be worrying, as one has to answer the question of whether or not drinking alcohol can affect their fertility. According to Drink Aware, women who are pregnant, or who are trying to get pregnant, are advised to abstain from alcohol completely. These range from inability to get pregnant and an increased risk of a miscarriage, to poor fetal growth and development. Bearing in mind that once a woman is pregnant she will have to abstain completely, it is good practice to refrain from consuming alcohol while trying to conceive.
But it added the only way to be sure booze does not harm a baby is to avoid it if pregnant or breast-feeding.

Alcohol definitely has a detrimental effect on pregnancy success." Dr Godfrey said the same impact was likely to occur in women trying to conceive naturally, with the greatest effect likely to be felt among those who had several drinks on the same evening.

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