Trying to get a baby to take the bottle

My two children never would take a bottle, and it wasn’t for any lack of trying on my part.
My husband Ryan got traumatized by trying to give the baby the bottle and having him scream his head off, so after many consecutive attempts in our process of getting ready for me to go back to work, he sort of gave up and then later blamed himself for this no-bottle-taking baby problem which lasted for 8 months.
Yep, at 4 months old, I went back to work for half-days, five days a week, and left my nanny to try all methods of bottle feeding for four hours. I was so happy to get an update from Crystal this week, letting us know that her daughter had finally begun accepting a bottle. She was so distracted and fascinated by them that she forgot to fight it and took her first bottle from them. Mine refused bottles after taking them while in the hospital(both spent a few weeks in the NICU or PICU).
Some babies might only take a bottle if it is similar to mom in touch taste and temperature. Although it sounds pretty harsh, some people say it is easier for someone else to feed your baby when you are completely out of the house.

As long as your pediatrician approves, adding something to your baby’s bottle to make it more palatable is not an uncommon suggestion.
It may become frustrating when you can’t get your baby to eat, but some moms suggest just waiting. If trying to give your baby a bottle isn’t working, then it is okay to try giving them a bottle. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you can’t seem to find something that works for your baby.
If you are trying to wing your baby off of bring breastfed, it might be a little more difficult because a hungry screaming baby does not deal well with change. When our friend Crystal asked about any magic strategies that would get her third baby to accept a bottle, I sent her a list of ideas in hopes that at least one of mine would be one that she had not yet tried. For weeks she fussed, took two sips then refused the rest.  Then one day she drank the whole thing.
Getting a breast-fed baby to take a bottle is always a hard transition, but having an older sibling help out is a great idea.

You can try to stay in a different room while someone else tries to feed your baby, but if he or she knows you are in the same house, it might be more difficult. One challenging part of having a baby, besides changing diapers and not sleeping, is getting them to take a bottle. By 5 months old, we agreed to sprinkle a little rice cereal into it so that it had more calories and stayed on the spoon better. My first son would not accept a bottle from my husband in the beginning, but he took it from me as long as I walked around the house continually, distracting him with things to look at. It is important to get the nipple and temperature right for the bottle so it is not such a drastic change that your baby will not like it at all.

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