Trying to conceive reflexology

In addition, many women turn to practices such as reflexology if they are having difficulty conceiving a baby.
Reflexology is the manipulation of specific points on the feet, hands or ears that correspond to a specific part of the body; it is believed that by manipulating a specific point that the body will be brought back into balance and harmony, “correcting” any related problem. A trained and qualified reflexology therapist will take a full case history of your personal and medical background and establish the particular problem that you wish to address in the treatment (eg fertility issues).
There is little scientific evidence to support the theory that reflexology aids in women becoming pregnant but many reflexologists will cite you case studies of successful treatments where a woman has become pregnant after receiving a course of reflexology treatments (myself included).
It is believed that some form of reflexology practice dates back to before records began; however, the earliest record of reflexology is famously depicted on the tomb of Ankhmahor in Saqqara, Egypt. This is a simple description of reflexology – it is in fact a lot more complex process than the space of an article allows for.

The therapist will usually recommend a course of reflexology treatments in order to gain the maximum benefit from the treatments.
A reflexologist will only address specific reflexology points on the feet in attempt to help to “balance” the body, in relation to fertility issues.
However, each case is different and you should consult a qualified and certified reflexologist for further advice in whether reflexology might be the right course of action for your specific circumstances.
Make your reflexologist aware of any other medications or treatments that you are taking for infertility or other medical conditions. A reflexology therapist cannot claim to cure any specific health difficulty that you have but you will usually start to notice some differences after a few treatments.
Popular reflex points for infertility include the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, uterus, pituitary gland and the pelvic area (reference: Reflexology for Women, Nicola Hall).

Make sure that your reflexologist is suitably qualified to advise you of the suitability of a particular treatment. Depending on your health, you may initially find the treatment a little uncomfortable or tender on your feet but you should not experience any significant pain from a reflexology treatment. Other reflexology points might be addressed with regard to a woman's specific health problems.

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