True life trying to have a baby

Other blood bathers: The infamous Countess Elisabeth Bathory was said to have bathed in the blood of virgins to stay young, and the benefits of its use are still championed today by the likes of Kim KardashianAlthough the benefits are not proven, the concept of using blood as a beauty product is far from new.
Yet trying to actually conceive can be surprisingly difficult, and one of the issues that may be holding you back from conception is anxiety. Yet as amazing as the human body is, it does have its weaknesses, and one of those weaknesses is the way the body responds to stress. Researchers are currently unclear why anxiety seems to have this much of an effect on fertility. But what's amazing, and also unfortunate, is that you may be causing that anxiety on yourself by trying too hard to conceive.

The idea of bathing in blood for youth may have originated with the story of Elisabeth Bathory, a Hungarian Countess who was alleged to have murdered hundreds of young women around the turn of the 16th century. Anxiety has a real, tangible effect on fertility, and it's something you need to focus on if you want to improve your chances of having a baby. The body does not handle stress well, and researchers have found that when a couple is under stress, fertility tends to decrease. It's actually a statistic that is on the rise, indicating that more and more couples may be finding that anxiety is affecting their ability to have a child.
Unfortunately, if you continue to put pressure on yourself (which is natural), or you still deal with profound anxiety in the rest of your life, you may find that it affects your overall fertility levels.

You and your partner should find trying to conceive something you look forward to even if conception doesn't occur.
Consider adding exercise as well, which is known to improve anxiety - but moderate a bit since it may have an effect on fertility in extreme cases.

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