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I think this is the first picture we took together after we found out we were pregnant… taken in Buenos Aires! About 6 months into the whole marriage thing, I downloaded one of those period tracker apps and decided to start trying to time sex so we were having sex on my most fertile days. Basically, I learned all about temping (keeping track of my basal temperature each day to figure out how fertile I am and where I am in my cycle on any given day) and other signs of fertility. You can see that the day after I ovulated, my temps rose significantly and stayed up (because I was pregnant). This entry was posted in being an adult, family, health, life events, marriage, pregnancy and tagged fertility, fertility awareness method, natural family planning, pregnancy. Other ways to know your best time for fertility include cervical mucus checking, which means checking to see if you have more stringy mucus, and checking your body temperature.
The fertile window , which is about six days every month is the most effective time to have sex and try to get pregnant.
It doesn’t matter if you have been trying for a while or just started trying to become pregnant , these tips can help you boost your odds of conceiving. What to do if you want to get pregnant faster.There are only a few days each cycle where you can get pregnant following unprotected intercourse – this is known as the fertile window.
The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is the most advanced home method dedicated to helping you get pregnant naturally. It is designed to identify your full fertility window, typically up to 6 days each cycle – these are the days when you are most likely to become pregnant following unprotected sex. The graph above shows the estimated likelihood of conception on the day of ovulation and the 5 days before that – these are the High and Peak fertility days that Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor will aim to identify by tracking your natural fertility hormones.
You can also test for pregnancy using the Monitor and the special Pregnancy Tests, from 3 days before your period is due – the Monitor will estimate when this is. In every cycle there are only a few days when a woman can conceive, so having sex on these days is very important if you are trying to get pregnant.

In a study of 87 women, 4 or more fertile days were identified in 80% of cycles using actual cycle length. I was already not on birth control and we figured we’d just get pregnant whenever it was supposed to happen. I was beginning to get nervous that we wouldn’t be able to have kids at all, after seeing a few friends battle with infertility, and I wanted to know whether all of our parts were going to work together to make babies!
Based on the averages I had read about, I thought it would take us (at least) about 6 months of trying before we saw a positive sign on that pregnancy test, if not a year. Here, we tell you how to find out when you're most fertile to get pregnant based on your menstrual cycle. This fertile window is very individual and it is normal for these days to be different each month.
The hand-held monitor, with its easy to use touch screen, works with simple urine test sticks that accurately detect 2 key fertility hormones – luteinising hormone (LH) and estrogen (E3G). That’s more days than a standard ovulation test will identify, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant each cycle. The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator is the first and ONLY test that typically identifies 4 or more fertile days each cycle.
By identifying more fertile days before ovulation than any with other ovulation test, you have more opportunities to get pregnant and can plan ahead to spend quality time with your partner. It's the only ovulation test to accurately track not only luteinising hormone, but also estrogen to identify your wider fertility window.
With its unique algorithm, the test adapts to your personal hormone profile, so you are less likely to miss your fertile days.
If you have ovulation test sticks left after detecting your first LH surge then you can use them with the same test holder to identify your fertile days next cycle, if you're not already pregnant. The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test helps you maximise your chances of conceiving naturally by identifying your 2 most fertile days each cycle by measuring the changes in level of a key fertility hormone – luteinising hormone (LH).

By pinpointing your 2 best days to get pregnant you can be more confident you are trying at the right time.
It turns out getting pregnant isn’t all about random chance, and there are very specific actions couples can take (in terms of timing) to increase the odds of conceiving in any given month.
I also wrote in some notes (green flags) for each day about other fertility signs I wanted to record. I can’t believe it does so many different things each month just preparing to get pregnant or to have a period!
The key to maximising your chances of getting pregnant each menstrual cycle is to be able to accurately identify your personal fertile days, so you know the best days to try for a baby. This means you can predict your best days to get pregnant in advance, so you can plan ahead and have sex at the right time – you will be maximising your chances of conceiving naturally. It is also the only Monitor that enables you to test for pregnancy, up to 3 days before your period is due, to see if you have been successful in getting pregnant this cycle. It tracks 2 key fertility hormones to identify your High AND Peak fertility days, so you can plan ahead and have more opportunities to get pregnant.
The clear digital display gives you a Clearblue smiley face when it identifies your best days to get pregnant so you know your body is ready. According to this website, my period was supposed to start on October 25, but I took a pregnancy test on October 24 and recorded that it was positive. Also, I think after six months of charting and no signs of pregnancy, I would have felt confident that I had enough information to go to my doctor and ask about the possibility of infertility.

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