To get pregnant in spanish

Spanish actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz delighted many of their fans when they got married earlier this month in the Bahamas in a private ceremony. One of the biggest problems where Spanish and English differentiate is when you cannot translate word for word. The thought always crosses my mind when I make a giant mistake in Spanish, usually in public, as my face burns red with humiliation. Over three years here and a slew of dates, mistakes and novios espanoles, but mostly single, and I think I speak Spanish just as well as many of my friends who are in committed bilingual relationships.

Nowadays, one way I consciously attempt to improve is to try to use new vocab words I hear my Spanish friends say. Nice blog, I?ve fot similar experiences from when I live in Galicia but now am in Costa del Sol and Spanish is no longer needed unfortunately for me. However, once you have finished at the bars and you want to go get your dance on, you head out to the club.
Plus I would never call myself fluent…once you get to that high level of Spanish you realise there is more you don?t know that what you do!

To put it mildly, a club in Spanish is usually a whorehouse on the side of the highway aka puti club.

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