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Leah has always had an interest in photography and art but that interest increased when her dad, who has a great eye for photography, gave her her first digital camera. Maternity sessions are such a great opportunity to get creative, and these are some wonderful tips. I have my first maternity shoot this coming weekend and I remembered reading this post and how helpful it was, so I’ve come back to re-visit it for some super helpful tips and ideas. The love story of the couple should be a part of the story you are telling with your photographs.
Ask questions that will lead to emotional responses, such as what they thought when they found out they were pregnant or who they think the baby will look like.
If you love telling stories with your portraits, then you may also be interested in our Craftsy class Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays.

Dresses work wonderfully for pregnancy photography, especially ones that are form fitting to really showcase the bump!
Think of a location or two that will create a look and feel to the photographs in contrast to the location of the newborn session.
Posing your clients for pregnancy photography is different than your typical subjects, so you need to be prepared to get creative with both the poses and your camera angle.
Make sure you are using dad too — interaction between the two partners will always make for better photographs! Sometimes people like to bring props, such as ultrasound photographs, onesies or baby shoes. To make pregnancy photos work with the subject on their back, the mum-to-be needs quite a big bump.

I loved all of the tips and images in this article – you are such a gifted photographer!
Upload your pregnancy portraits, or other images, to the Craftsy Project Gallery to share your own stellar photography. But, with a few photography tips, you can make sure your session goes as smoothly as possible, resulting in wonderful photos of the expecting family! Try creating a Pinterest board with clothing ideas so your clients can see what options look good and photograph well.

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